Negativland's newest conceptual project is a very different move into a very different "found art" direction than the anti-corporate, anti-copyright creations they're most known for. This release charts new territory for Negativland in many ways. DEATHSENTENCES OF THE POLISHED AND STRUCTURALLY WEAK is a 6 by 12 inch 64-page full-color book which comes with a 45-minute CD soundtrack. Packaged inside of a large die-cut automotive courtesy envelope, this book is a poignant, voyeuristic, disturbing, and occasionally funny glimpse into lives which may be very different from your own...or eerily similar. The CD is a meticulously-layered, ever-shifting electro-acoustic soundscape created to accompany the book. No bass lines, no melody, no dialogue, no singing, no beat - the sound of Negativland's recording studio being destroyed in a car crash.