When the novelty recording act, Negativland, asked me to write an introduction to these new God Nose tracks which are making their debut exclusively on their Internet website, I was both flattered and wistful at the prospect. These new tracks from this most influential of all American music icons and his new band, God Nose, seem to hark back to his golden glory days and mine as well. I guess the only difference between he and me is that he probably saved some of that gold for his silver years, while I was lynched by the radio business in the late 70s, taunted with vicious ageism and raging punk rock, ending up with little to show for my 20 years as a top jock but postcards of the hanging.

From my retirement RV parked here in the desert, it seems like one too many mornings have past since music has tried to do anything like these new God Nose tracks do. Maybe somewhere there is still music that makes a point, but certainly not on the only station I can pick up out here. And my persistent calls to this annoying station are completely wasted on the caliber of DJs now manning the mikes who apparently don't know Head Hands & Feet from Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas. Go ahead and hang up, it's their loss.

But now the wanderin' boot heels of fate have come knock, knock, knockin' like an orphan's gun butt all over my baby blue RV door with brand new music from God Nose, and I discover what may be the last return of meaning in music before it just stays gone forever. Thank the Lord for rural delivery. After listening the fourth time around to this new music, I'll positively keep it with mine. These tracks remind me of all the time I spent in broadcast studios big and small all over this rockin' country of ours during that perplexing decade of exploding pill boxes and motorpsycho nightmares, the 60s.

That was an exciting time for rock jocks everywhere as a country ripped by mind expansion and social turmoil just got further and further out, carried along by anthems of the airwaves from the likes of the Lemonpipers, Vanilla Fudge, Pavlov's Dog, and Tiny Tim. But when I think of all the folk who rocked the 60s and beyond, I would have to say that no one was more charismatically influential than the man in the long black coat behind God Nose.

He's certainly the greatest song slinger to ever bust down the barbed wire fence of idolhood and rebuild it brick by brick, constructing his own unique upscale prison, towering higher than any other above our confoundingly confused music business. But that was before this. What everyone assumed was a dying dwarf star who bade us a restless farewell from his big brass bed has now burst back again into our brand new digital sky as the word smithing shooting star we all remember, like a rising sun at the center of this stellar new music.

This unexpected music has certainly grabbed my boots of imitation Spanish leather and I can feel the blood rushing to my saddle as those old, familiar, tingle tangle feelings come flooding through the broken Cooley Dam of millennial complacency like a sign on the cross. I'm sure glad I've lived this long because here it is, one last chance to get all tangled up in whatever is left of whatever it was that blew us all away so many dreams ago, only probably even bigger. So get ready all you rainbow wanderers, all you seekers of the lost promise, all you yuppie sons of yippies, he's back and it's all new all over again. Tomorrow wasn't such a long time after all. Congratulations, Seeland, and crawl out your window, surfers, I hope you're as ready for God Nose as I was!

Jumpin' Jack Jackson
Buzzing Fly, Nevada

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