"Ever since I was a little boy, I always wanted to be on the radio entertaining people of all ages," says Jack Diekobiscz.  "What a fool I was!"

Diekobiscz, while working as a full-time radio Program Director, was increasingly sickened by the illicit duties he was forced to perform.  A man of slight conscience, Jack soon made the decision to "get an honest job."  As with many radio Program Directors, he had no marketable talents other than collecting huge bribes to play music and pretending to be a nice guy at staged events.  Determined to go straight, Jack announced to his wife and children that he would be giving up his $28,000 per-year position (along with $150,000+ in under-the-table "bonuses") to make "telling the honest truth" his life's work.

Jack proceeded to quit his job and sell his house.  Jack's wife, having just undergone an emergency abdominal hysterectomy, succumbed to her disease due to Jack's inability to cover costs of her treatment.  Unable to support his two young children, Diekobiscz waived all parental rights and shipped his four-year-old son to New Zealand to be raised by a great aunt he'd never met, while putting his infant daughter up for adoption.

"After I resigned, I began to realize that I had no choice but to let my family go,” Jack tearfully admits, "But please understand, it was my idea, not theirs.  I was supporting them with dirty money, and my choice was to either continue my life of barely-legalized crime, or give up my family.  I feel that I made the right choice."

"Some people don't like me very much for what I did," Diekobiscz acknowledged, "But you've got to give me credit for not being a Program Director anymore."