In a pitiful last-gasp attempt to boost sagging ratings, Clear Channel’s KJR-FM and its Program Director BOB CASE have pushed aside former morning man, "Rockin" Ric Hansen, in favor of legendary Seattle personality, PAT CASHMAN. Case has gained national attention over the past year, as his "Superhits of the 60's and 70's" format delivers just about anything but. From the very outset, Case, in a shifty maneuver to rewrite history in exchange for ratings points, flooded his own playlist with songs by 80's artists such as Huey Lewis and The News, Men At Work, Cyndi Lauper, Air Supply, Rick Springfield, Phil Collins, and many others.

Initially, Case deceptively placed over sixty songs from the 1980's into his playlist. When throngs of angry listeners expressed their displeasure, Case defended his bizarre behavior, elaborating on his opinion that the '70's didn't really end until sometime in the 80's, therefore the songs would stay in spite of his misleading station IDs. Increased pressure, including public humiliation at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, led Bob to dig in his heels, while thumbing his nose at his own audience by nearly doubling the amount of 80's songs on his playlist, and defiantly posting them on his station's website for all to see.

Reliable sources have confirmed that neither Clear Channel Communications or Bob Case informed the distinguished Mr. Cashman of the potential danger and hideous outcome, as continued attacks on the station could leave KJR's new celebrity-host stupified and reeling from behind the morning microphone. "It's a thoughtless act on Bob's part," claimed an unnamed source. "To put an old pro like Cashman at the helm of a sinking ship is one thing, but to refuse him a bailing bucket is almost criminal."

The official KJR website exposes Bob's continued attempts to deceive, offering visitors the chance to click and view KJR's songs by year (1970-79), but conveniently left out are links to the early-to-mid-80's songs listed directly below in plain view! More recently, Bob has abandoned efforts to update his online playlist as he quietly adds even newer songs, including 1988's "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys.  In the meantime, former morning man, "Rockin" Ric Hansen has been demoted to an evening shift, the former 7-10pm slot of Jeff West.  In an unconfirmed report, West, a local family man, was quickly and quietly terminated by Clear Channel and barred from KJR's studios when it was learned that Cashman would soon be on board.