One of the worst assignments in the radio biz is known as a "live remote." Making an appearance at an outdoor event usually means erecting a goofy looking canopy, dislaying the call letters of the station that currently employs you, and entertaining the poor slobs who have nothing better to do than show interest in what you're up to. Sometimes, it's just easier to pre-record your breaks and run for your life, as you'll note in this exhibit.

It's easy to understand why the humiliation of being put on display could cause a jock to lose their cool, but is it worth a potential threat to national security?  This is the subject of my most recent audio expose, which took place at the world-famous Seattle Seafair, a popular yearly event, complete with a spectacular aerial showcase of America's military forces and an electrifying performance by the US Army's prestigious "Blue Angels" flying team.

My resident scanner, The Weatherman,  intent on capturing some behind-the-scenes action,  constructed an elaborate monitoring system to capture the on-location disk-jockeys by (legally) recording their secret conversations with the AOR-3000 Communications Receiver in his home studio. The mobile broadcasters unknowingly put on a great show as the Weatherman's tape began to roll.

"At first, they weren't doing anything out of the ordinary,"  The Weatherman reported,  "Just the usual cursing and making fun of the sponsors behind their backs. Then, the excitement really began, as they started taking verbal shots at the United States Air Force."  When asked how he felt about the situation, the Weatherman stated,  "My late father served in the Air Force during World War II, and he'd have really been upset to hear the announcers expressing disdain for the very event they were sent out to promote."
The featured tape also caught the popular FM radio jocks making fun of audience members, including a reported elderly war veteran who lost control of his bowels during the airshow.

WARNING:  This unpatriotic audio clip may be disturbing to some individuals.  If you are easily offended by such material, do not "LISTEN HERE!"