Recently rediscovered film and background documentation representing a wealth of information regarding the early attempts of C. Elliot Friday to attract international tourism to his fabled Howland Island home. Howland Island is the headquarters of his Universal Media Netweb broadcasting network and the tropical cultural retreat of artists, scientists, and cultural eccentrics of every stripe. Famed Friday associates include the members of Negativland, who remain under tentative contract with UMN to this day. The still images document various artifacts recovered by Mr. Leland Googleburger, a self-directed time travel theorist who resides in a trailer in Nevada and has devoted 60 years of his life to uncovering the mysteries behind C. Elliot Friday's impossibly long life span, his political machinations, and his unparalleled wealth. Mr. Friday, however, is now feared dead, and his tiny, mid-Pacific zone Howland Island is inexplicably missing.


Installation views "Howland" video