Opening nights were well attended, and with sounds coming from "Rightmightland", "Noisyland", "Videoland" and "Boopsville" simultaneously, they were very noisy indeed. Nearly all of Negativland’s main members and satellite members came out for the New York City opening. Mark’s Mom and Dad flew in with home made brownies!


The brownies! (Gigantic Artspace)


Loads of people not looking at art (Gigantic Artspace)

The Booper in use (Gigantic Artspace)


"Howland" and "Noisyland" (Gigantic Artspace)


? (Gigantic Artspace)


Mark's mom! (Gigantic Artspace)


"Videoland" spectators (Gigantic Artspace)


Smokers and loiterers (Gigantic Artspace)


"Noisyland" (Gigantic Artspace)


Might makes right! (Creative Electric Studios)


Lots more people still not looking at art (Creative Electric Studios)


"Noisyland" (Creative Electric Studios)