In 1965, Disneyland unveiled the world’s first animatronic robot at the World's Fair, and later as an attraction at Disneyland itself. This attraction, called “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln,” worked well at the initial demonstration, but was quickly recalled by Disney for it's "inappropriate movements" and "unusual manner of speech." The original robot was decommissioned, and lay fallow for many years.
In 2005 Negativland approached Tampa based robot artist Joe Griffith with the idea of restoring Disney's original animatronic to its former glory. With the help of an anonymous Walt Disney employee who secretly donated some audio outtakes, Negativland is proud to present a forgotten milestone in the history of robotics.



Gigantic Artspace, New York City, September 2005


Gigantic Artspace, New York City, September 2005


Consolidated Works, Seattle, March 2006


Creative Electric Studios, Minneapolis, May 2006


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