“Shield” is a diptych about myth, fear, eggs and ham. It was inspired by “Flammarion in 1888,” by Camille. The source images used to make these paintings were harvested from eBay, Google Image Search, and images from a digital camera. The final montages were created from over 60 images, the pixels were blended, and the images transferred to canvas, where they were painted with acrylics for final details.

(Acrylic and Giclee prints on canvas, 60 x 24, 2005)


“Shield I: Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella” is not intended to be either pro- or anti-Bush, and is neutral as to the utility of missile defense. It seeks to visualize the idea that, while we cast metaphors in a particular light to create momentum for one kind of initiative or another, other real-world actors who aren’t a part of that metaphor will gatecrash its meticulously crafted messaging and make reality happen yet again.

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“Shield II: Eggsbra’ham Lincoln” is about President Lincoln’s apparently unknown fear of flying pigs and raw eggs, safely transformed into omelets and ham loafs.

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