Wake Up Everybody (Part 1)

HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUENOTES 1976 Chart Position: #12

Ye outwardly appear righteous unto man, but within ye are full of hypocracy and iniquity
Matt. 23:28

When we invite Jesus Christ into our lives we become as new creatures and we are able to reflect His Spirit within us and see the world as He wants us to. We notice the influence of Satan and his power over man. We understand that man left unto himself is dishonest, disrespectful to his neighbor, self-serving, seeks fulfilment through fleshly lusts, is lazy, unconcerned, and hypocritical. He is constantly looking for ways to improve himself, and a dose of canned optimism often serves as a quick shot in the arm.

"Wake Up Everybody" is a sickeningly sweet song of hope for a new generation, implying that all we have to do is wake up, get going, and by our own virtues, we will see a greater tomorrow. "Wake up, doctors, make the old people well. . . ," sings lead singer Teddy Pendergrass, "Wake up teachers, time to teach a new way. . ." For the duration of the song, we are reminded of numerous social ills, but offered no solutions or practical advice other than to "wake up",,\ yet its strong buildup and anthem-like quality produces a false sense of positivity.

Well, the future is here, and once again, man and his folly have prevailed. Doctors are waking up to not only murdering the unborn, but the soon to be legislated "mercy killings" will give them the right to terminate the lives of those who say they are ill or suffering. The teachers have awakened to everything from distributing condoms to promoting homosexuality in the classroom. It is time for those who know and trust the Lord to fall to their knees and renounce the misgivings of man, and embrace the truth that is found in Jesus Christ our Savior.