Lili Marlene

Tiger Rag


Waiting For The Robert E. Lee


The Old Soft Shoe

Frere Jacques

To Each His Own

The Whiffenpoof  Song

Lullaby Medley

I found this 12-inch LP record at a thrift store in Seattle several years ago. It looks and plays quite well, except it has a lot of surface noise. I noticed the mention of an instrument I didn’t recognize on the label. I put the record away, and all but forgot about it. During the last year or so I started learning about a keyboard instrument called a Novachord. I discovered it came out in 1938 and is considered to be the first real electronic music synthesizer made by Hammond many years before Moog. I understand the Novachord has well over 100 vacuum tubes, and only a few working units exist today. I like these web sites (here and here) for starters to learn more about the Novachord. You’ll find some interesting YouTube videos, too.

I noticed that some of you responded favorably to my last post of organ music, so I thought you might enjoy that record from the thrift store with that strange instrument. I had forgotten it was actually a Novachord until I recently looked at the record again. A few years ago, I recorded this record onto my computer as two .wav files, one for each side of the LP and stored them on a separate drive.  I transferred the files to my computer where I made separate files for each song. Then I did pop and click reduction for each song using Adobe Audition. Amazingly there were over 20,000 clicks or pops removed from each individual song! Despite all of that, the record sounds less scratchy, but I wish it could play somewhat better.

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