This is the first recording using my Sony TC-D5M cassette recorder. In addition to the family get-together, there are recordings of cats, birds, wind and wind chimes, raccoons chewing cat food, passing cars, part of an LP record, a music box, a toilet flush, sliding closet doors, raking leaves, and telephone sounds. The tapes were played on the same cassette recorder with Dolby “B” set on, and the audio was captured using my VST setup.  Generally speaking, this recording has more of an “atmospheric” sound with more quiet parts than my other family recordings.

My grandmother was quite unhappy with the turkey she purchased from the A & B Market, so I included a picture. This picture in Santa Rosa, California is from the mid 1950s, and I recall the sign “A & B Super” looking quite similar in the 1970s and 80s.

A & B Market, Santa Rosa, California, 1955