You Cooked Your Goose With Me (original capture)

You Cooked Your Goose With Me (no processing)

Here is a 78 RPM record from a thrift store that I think might be a good addition to the “How Dare You” kind of thinking. I recorded it again with no audio processing. A Newcomb TR-1625M turntable with a General Electric variable reluctance magnetic cartridge played the record. The signal from the cartridge bypassed the built-in amplifier and was fed to a UREI (United Recording Electronics Industries) 1122 preamplifier. ┬áSince the UREI is a professional unit, it is known as a “transcription preamplifier.” Then I connected a balanced (3 wire) line from the 1122 to my Yamaha MG10/2 mixer with the controls at flat (no frequencies boosted or cut).

Capitol Americana

UREI Model 1122 phono preamplifier