For Halloween, I made this thing. Maybe it’s too “new age” for Halloween, maybe not. I probably insulted the term “new age.” What do you Think?

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This is high definition video at 1280 x 720 (5000 kbps). If you have trouble playing this, try the lower quality version below.

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640 x 360 at 2500 kbps

Stereo audio 48kHz at 320 kbps mp3

madringDTBlkFxSLoudMax(small)MadRing, DTBlkFxS, LoudMax in VSTHost

4ORMULATOR(small)4ORMULATOR in Adobe Audition (I changed Windows desktop theme from basic to Windows 7 “Aero)”

The basic sound was created using free VST plugins “MadRing,” “DTBlkFxS,” and “LoudMax” running in VSTHost. Then I finished up processing the audio further with another free VST plugin called “4ORMULATOR” running in Adobe Audition. The video was made by playing the audio in Winamp with “Milkdrop” visualization and screen capturing the video and audio with FRAPS. This made a giant uncompressed file, larger than 10 gigabytes. This file was trans-coded to a smaller size and to Flash video format, suitable for uploading.

Be sure to check out my YouTube version here.