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  1. punkle jones says:

    A light has gone out, but has any sound artist been so thoroughly documented? Remember the person, but remember also that as much of himself as he allowed on tape will be around for a long, long time.

  2. vincent cannata says:

    “I am Don……. You are Don……… We are ALL Don!”

  3. Throgmar says:

    Cant remember when I started forgett’n but this was a long time come’n….I was just on my way back from the Island when I noticed the vessel “Ellie” zoom pass me on it’s way to the show on Howland…I forgot my tool bag, so I guess I gota go back and get’em…works for me cause I get to see the show, and I have a great excuse for not showing up for lunch….I hate lunch….so when the horn blows and the alarm sounds as we lower down into the deep…perchance to dream in peace under the waves….no one will ever know I was even here….or there???, sorry, I cant remember when I started forgett’n….
    much love all, we’ll get thru all this.

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  5. teddy rannila says:

    i figured i should write something here, so i did. then i went outside to play tug rope with my dog in the middle of a cool autumn oklahoma night.

    thank you negativland.

  6. Wobbly fan says:

    Now, am I hearing the old show will cease at years end and be replaced by a new show at the same time slot, with Wobbles at the controls? I am so down with that. Wob Rocks!!!

  7. Anthony Yarn says:

    I want to become part of the team,i just don’t know how

  8. An historian writes... says:

    That’s just the nature of it, you can’t control that.

  9. Akemwave says:

    Having returned home on the other side of the planet from a visit to Stanford, having spent a little while my car dial on 94.1, and noting Mr. Joyce was younger than I, I will spend a bit of time listening to an old show in honor of what is destined to be our great mix in the sky.

  10. great show says:

    Some great mixes on the continuing shows the past few months! Listening to Over the Edge – February 19, 2016 – Blue Velvet! Thanks to the various hosts for keeping it going.

  11. Myles Touchie says:

    YouTube Desmond Son – The Hosler Project. I hope the members of the group view it and enjoy. If not you guys can all come to my house and squirt lemon juice in my eyes for the horrible atrocity that is known as “copywrong infringement”

  12. Desmond Son says:

    Once upon a time, there was this tree. And it grew allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day….. And then it fell over.

  13. ZachsMind says:

    For those who wish to join Negativland, if you make something and someone else listens and goes “what the hell was that supposed to be?” and you respond by just smiling at them and kinda shrugging, you can imagine in that moment you are a part of the team. However if you are captured, Negativland will disavow any knowledge of your actions. There’s no way to replace that great voice, but we can put thousands, millions, googleplexes of tiny cacophanies in his place. What would Izzy do? Make more noise.

  14. Chewing Water says:

    I don’t know a damn thing about anything, OK?

  15. C.E.F. says:

    Well that’s a lot of balderash!!

  16. C.E.F. says:

    Balderdash. Damn it.

  17. blotter_blotter says:

    When I grow up I want to be a dog.

    The Simpsons
    The Sumpsins
    The Samsungs
    The Spetznaz

    Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe
    I wonder how I’ll finally go;
    sleeping, waking, standing still,
    doesn’t matter never will;
    no exceptions
    no exceptions
    no exceptions
    no exceptions

  18. Izzy's Ghost says:

    Most of the posters you’re reading are probably dead.

  19. jdh418 says:

    the worms crawl in,
    the worms crawl out,
    in your stomach and
    out your mouth

    now go to sleep little ones….

  20. Grandma says:

    Well so it does!

  21. Leona says:

    I just recently (illegally) downloaded all 25 volumes of the Have A Nice Day Hits Of The 70’s series. I plan on slicing and dicing the contents into a stack of songs I truly do love, and then a stack of ones that I do not love, but are important to me to have as an important and historical document of those times. And I intend to title those folders : Moribund.

    Just remember, Dick Vaughn WILL live forever!!!!

  22. Dave Rich says:

    This is great, man. Right on. East Bay grease all the way to Santa Jose.

  23. Dave Rich says:

    I mean San Jose. Goddamnit, I broke it.

  24. Bernabei Elisa says:

    Quanto costa l entrata stasera?non ho la tessera.a ke ora iniziano negativeland?
    Grazie delle info

  25. Genesplyce says:

    Wobbly, how is it possible that you get to do the exact same thing you were doing under Stork plaza 30 years ago?
    Bha Buh, Bah Bah Bah Bah bah bu bha bha bah! (danger music from Star Trek)

  26. Amparo says:


  27. Good Hello says:

    Listening live now…good show to go with the snow outside my window and the moonlight and Christmas lights all aglow. Happy Holidays! And don’t trust Whitey.

  28. Kort Holland says:

    Hey there, I have some outtakes of radio shows I’d love to send you guys. Real belly-laughter! Please contact me immediately!

  29. Demendred says:

    Mr. Tuvok left his Vulcan music out in ten forward again.

  30. Kanye West says:

    hey radio …………..*&%K Y*#

  31. Tzahnke says:

    Sometimes, I sit down and think to myself, what would it be like if there were live found sound/sampling shows in Grand Rapids, Michigan? There was one several years ago, but it was all hip hop DJ material. If people would stop treating sampling like a copyright infringement, I’m sure sample shows would be everywhere! After all, think of the number of works that were inspired by Shakespeare! If only media would let us appropriate and sample like that nowadays. But then again, maybe some people never overcome their fears! When I was five, I had dreams about remixes. I would usually be doing something really fun, like swimming in a swimming pool, and music would play in the background. Then, suddenly, my feet would get stuck to the bottom of the pool by some unknown force. When my feet got stuck, the music would stick too, and sound like a broken record. We called this a staydown. After having these dreams every few nights, the idea of a remix scared me; I hadn’t heard remixes until I was twelve years old or so, but if I would have discovered remixes or sampling, I would have been afraid, because of these vivid recurring dreams. Well, sometimes I feel as if those who are against sampling and remixing have had such dreams, continue to have them, and are unable to brush them aside. Maybe I’m just a lucky one because I was able to brush them aside and become a sound collage artist, but the people at Island Records who stopped the distribution of Negativland’s U2 EP must have had some dreams just like mine; dreams that cause fear of altered versions of existing works. If everyone could at least try to overcome these fears, it would make life better for all true artists all over the world.

  32. Aric says:

    Years ago there were a bunch of system sounds recorded by David available for download from this very website. My favorite one was “You’re out of memory, you asshole!”, but I would love to have the one of him going “Boop boop boop boop boop boop boop” as a notification sound on my phone. Does anyone know where these can be found, or if someone could put them on Dropbox or zip them up and email them to me, I would be a happy camper. arratik at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance!

  33. Imissdon says:

    It’s sad, I tried to access the classic shows today and all of the links are broken, I just want to listen to the old shows that kept me alive through the drudgery of work every day. Someone please fix the broken links.

  34. clyde crimefighter says:

    Kinda wishing that Negativland was on Bandcamp. I have an iTunes Store download of Escape from Noise but it’s not compatible with the agptek mp3 player I just purchased. And no, I don’t want to decrypt or convert the aac files. I would gladly purchase it again, but it looks like I’ll have to resort to The Amazon Whole Foods Megacorporation.

  35. Snavely says:


  36. Palbo says:

    Fellows, thanks to your many for continuing to spew forth such examples of nonqualityfullness in product. Viva le Carbomb!

  37. Minuter says:

    Where can i see the lyrics of the music? i’m looking specially lyrics of dispepsi

  38. Bay-buh Bay-buh Bay-Buh says:

    Open it. Open it, I tell you.

  39. Spreaders says:

    Failure is imminent.

  40. David's Doppelganger says:

    That’s my cigarette case.

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