JOHN OSWALD: 69 Plunderphonics 96


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Seeland 515
2CD + 46-page Hardcover Book

"Plunderphonics (also known as 69 Plunderphonics 96) is a cultural paradox, one of the first truly underground musical phenomena to emerge in the latter quarter of the 20th century, yet featuring some of the world’s most recognizable music embedded in novel constellations of sonic subversity by creator John Oswald. This art is more radical in its social and political associations than the introduction of the electric guitar. Mr. Oswald flew past the level of mere sampling. He has taken sampling fifty times beyond what we’ve come to expect." Well, that’s what somebody said when this groundbreaking and highly influential project first came out in the early 90’s, before it was promptly legally threatened out of existence by Michael Jackson and his attorneys.

This expanded, ambitiously packaged, and completely illegal, Seeland "re-issue" contains 60 memorable cut-up tracks (more than twice as many as the original version!), from the Swinging Sixties to the Numb Nineties, on two hyper-dense discs covering the gamut of progressive musical endeavour, where punk meets classical, schmaltz marries metal, jazz divorces rap and electronica kills world. Each title features an instantly recognizable musical icon transformed into an electroquoted Frankenstein or Hyde with a plunderphoney moniker such as Anthrax Squeeze Factory, Sinéad O’Connick Jr., Beastie Shop Beach, or Bing Stingspreen.

Often visceral, occasionally poignant, sometimes funny, never predictable and always challenging, the set is an entire record collection packed into this compact book with CD format, including an extensively annotated retrospective account by reproducer Oswald, lavishly illustrated with full color collages and detailed notes about the entire fascinating tale of it’s first release, it’s immediate legal suppression, and this elaborate re-issue, many years later.

Plunderphonics creator John Oswald was restricted from releasing this version as well, so Seeland Records stepped in and "borrowed" this package to make this historically important re-issue available to you. Profits will be invested in the future of Plunderphonics.

Please visit John Oswald’s and the Fony website at and

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