Seeland 020
CD EP with illustrated story insert

A very unusual 22-minute collaboration between two groups on opposite sides of the corporate culture fence....

Chumbawamba was flying first class on a plane traveling from England to America. Negativland checked themselves in as baggage on a plane traveling from America to England. As they collided, they produced 22 minutes of the hottest black box recordings since TWA Flight 800. However, this story started a while ago...

As children, Negativland and Chumbawamba spent loads of time cavorting gleefully in the same found sound sandbox, each sampling one another’s mudpies while they were respectfully looking the other way. All of a sudden, noted anarchists Chumbawamba were uprooted and brought to a newer and fancier neighborhood where they scored an international success with their finger-painting "Tubthumping", which sold over 4 million copies.

As adults now living in vastly different parts of the corporate world, it occurred to the two noisemaking groups that now would be the most awkward and unexpected time to collaborate on a new project. Working together via face to face meetings, and every long distance method known to the world’s postal and computer services, they produced THE ABCs OF ANARCHY EP.

Upon completion of the project, a global misunderstanding occurred, leaving Negativland holding the CDs, and Chumbawamba folding the liner notes. As they both flew off to meet with a mysterious third party on Howland Island who had the CD jewel cases, the aforementioned tragedy struck, leaving the difficult process of assembly to the hands of fate.

Yet here it is!

The first track of this collaborative EP is the 13-minute long "The ABCs of Anarchism" - a simultaneously informative and confused trolley tour through the backlot of an often misunderstood political point of view. By the time you’ve finished experiencing this ride, you’ll know what the world of anarchism is, and what it is not. This track is a great way to experience the outdoors and discover if anarchism is something that you want, that you want, that you really, really want.

The second track, "Smelly Water", is the "It’s a Small World" of the EP, where all the happy animatronic puppets are gasping for air and turning blue right before your very eyes as your little dinghy coasts you though pretty melodies, brown liquids and a very diSTINKt odor.

The final track, "© Is For Stupid", is an ass-shaking non-stop super-hyphenated thrill-ride that twists and turns you through the very fringes of infringement with your host, the Weatherman. You’ll feel like you’ve been run through the rototiller and the Weatherman’s kitchen by the time its over. You have to be over 48" tall and have no neck or back injuries to play this portion of the EP.

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