BOB OSTERTAG: Sooner or Later



Seeland 514 CD
1991 (Reissued 2000)

VERY FEW LEFT - A most unusual and disturbing release by noted San Francisco sound-reprocessor Bob Ostertag. The sounds on this disc are based upon the actual recordings of a young boy burying his slain father in El Salvador, as well as snippets from master guitarist Fred Frith. As a piece of audio-verite’, "Sooner or Later" is an uncomfortable listen, based upon Ostertag’s extended stays in El Salvador over a period of ten years. Originally released in 1991 (on Switzerland’s RecRec label), reissued as a domestic release for the first time.

To quote Bob: "The choice of sound is not incidental... during (the time in El Salvador) I saw a lot of death. And in that culture, which is both Catholic and highly politicized, death gets surrounded with all kinds of trappings that are intended to make it heroic and purposeful. Death is often explained as god’s will, or else as irrelevant, since all the victims ’live on in the struggle’. It is all glorious and heroic.

"But some 70,000 people have died there. Most died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They didn’t want to. There was no plan. There was no glory.

"... if there is beauty, we must find it in what is really there: the boy, the shovel, the fly. If we look closely, despite the unbearable sadness, we will discover it." Judge for yourself.

This release is the first "limited edition CD" from Ostertag’s My Very Own Record Label co-released with Seeland Records, packaged in a sturdy metal tin.

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