Direct mp3 download or play: Christmas 1978 Part 1

This recording is from the same session that was used on the first Negativland release. For example, “This is Negativland, reminding you to get ready for the Love Canal at Lovecourse 49,” which I had my grandmother read was part of this session. All of this tape was made in the kitchen at my home in Martinez, California. On this recording there is a discussion about grocery bags, followed by my grandmother reading “Are we not men? We are Devo.”  Then my mother sings and after that there is some more talk about “Devo.” The last part of the tape features “Goggles,” one of our cats coming into the house and causing our other cat “Sassy Sister Suzy” to become upset. She can be heard hissing and growling.

I can’t remember for sure which cassette tape recorder was used for recording but I think it was either the Superscope C-104 or the Norelco 1530. I will eventually have a picture of the Norelco.  I also recall putting one of my Sony F-98 microphones on a makeshift stand that was meant to hold a bird cage, and then I set the stand on a table in the kitchen.You may have noticed this is called “part 1,” but there likely isn’t any other recording.