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Direct mp4 download or play:  Strange Sound From Seattle

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                      Strange Sound From Seattle

I made this by playing the sound through Winamp and using the Random Intelligent Visualization which is included with Winamp and using a screen capture application to record the images and sound. Be sure to go to my YouTube page to see it in high definition.

Here is what I used to generate the sound. Click on the picture to see a high resolution image. I neglected to save the settings, but I can tell you that one of the eight oscillators was set at 528 hertz and the others were roughly on harmonics of 528 hertz above and below. Then with Adobe Audition in multi-track mode I imported the recording and created two additional copies, for a total of three stereo tracks. On tracks two and three, the sound was changed to double speed and half speed. All three tracks were processed with flanging effects. I set the phase shift to 180 degrees and resonance was set as high as possible (just before oscillation and distortion) and the speed as slow as possible. At this point the three tracks were mixed down and exported to a single stereo .wav file.