Direct mp3 download or play:  Seattle Scanner Radio Ambience 3-13-2009

This is the sound of radio traffic in Seattle on an average day  in 2009. The left side is all from my RadioShack Pro-97 receiving signal from the Seattle-King County Public Safety (3D1C) trunked system. This is mostly law enforcement and public safety, such as Seattle police and fire departments. The right side features my AOR communications receiver receiving other communications from aircraft (Sea-Tac Airport and Boeing Field), taxis and ride services, King County Metro and Sound Transit (city buses), pagers, towing services and other unidentified signals. Be sure to check out the RadioReference pages for more information on trunking scanners and Seattle-King County Public Safety. Recently, the city buses have switched to a new digital radio system, and at the moment I am unable to listen. Go here to hear the last call on the old radio system.

Pro-97 (small470wide)RadioShack Pro-97 scanner

AOR AR-3000 (small470wide)AOR AR-3000 communications receiver