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Direct mp4 download or play:  Screen Capture Test

This is a screen capture test of my software defined radio (Funcube Dongle Pro+, running SDRSharp, Version 1299) receiving WWV at 5 and 10 megahertz. Reception is poor due to using my Comet discone antenna (on a tripod in my living room) which is designed to recieve 25 to 1,500 megahertz. Actually, the signal is remarkably good, considering the short antenna elements. In addition, my reception is bothered by a considerable amount of interfering noise from the computer, power lines, and strong unwanted radio frequencies such as FM broadcast stations and digital TV signals. If you are able to view this at full screen, the file type (the geeky part) is an H.264, .mp4 inside a .flv container at 1280 by 720 pixels. The original capture was done with FRAPS game capturing software and was 781 megabytes in size. I used free software “Xmedia Recode” to trans-code from uncompressed video to flash. The upper right of the picture shows the frame rate from the FRAPS program, which is around 30 frames per second. What you see here is only 7.14 megabytes, and in my opinion it doesn’t look much worse than the original.

As of this time, I’ve checked additional posts in categories from the bottom up “Weather, ” to “Street Names Update,” and they appear to be okay. A major problem I think I fixed, was comments were set to close and not be allowed after 14 days. I am sorry about that, please forgive my dumbness! Let me know, especially on the previous post, “Numbers” where I noticed comments were not allowed. I left a test comment, making sure I was logged out of WordPress.

Some of you may have noticed I started a Facebook page earlier in May, separate from the Negativland Facebook page. I had to delete the page because it was too much for me to manage. The spam was, and still is overwhelming! Also, I think Facebook is getting a little too nosy for me. Sorry about that.

 Comet DS150S discone antennaComet DS-150S Discone Antenna