12 Responses to “Mertz-Ad-2012”

  1. uwe kirsch says:

    Smile from the home of krautrock,
    uwe kirschaka genarten

  2. Scott Thrusts says:

    Is this what a new page looks like? Where can I find Negativconcertland? iIf it was up my would I know it?

  3. Scott Thrusts says:

    I am replying to myself. Why do you always leave the word ass out?

  4. Anki Toner says:

    Here are my mixes of the U2 record:
    Where are the rest?

  5. Mother Fuchs says:

    I haven’t said anything.

  6. Cherish Hellfire says:

    The first thing that happens is that the bones splinter…

  7. Demendred says:

    I left my umbrella at sears again……

  8. SPEDLOCK says:

    This post is a lie

  9. Anonymous says:

    Don’t stick me with that thing! GET BACK. Listen to me, damn you! STOP. I’m a perfectly healthy human being and I don’t need any damned shots. No, ungh- get your hands, ergh, off MMEEEEE

  10. Bonnie says:

    I’d like to find out more? I’d love to find out
    some additional information.

  11. tr#- says:

    Looking for remnants of Don…

  12. ThrotchKaskat-420 says:

    Christianity is STUPID!!! (Communism is good.)

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