“What Is Remix Culture?”

Posted on: Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Founding Negativland member Mark Hosler was one of the judges in a Fair Use themed video “remix”  contest put on by Total Recut.com. The contest was called “What is Remix Culture?,” and other judges included Larry Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Kembrew McLeod, Matt Mason , Pat Aufderheide, JD Lasica and Luminosity.

The winners can be seen here and Mark’s comments on each of the finalists are here.

It can happen here!!

Posted on: Friday, August 29th, 2008

Spurned by McCain as his VP running mate, he’s stepped out on his own as of yesterday morning.

Negativland presents “Thigmotactic”

Posted on: Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

“Thigmotactic” takes another path in Negativland’s many twists and turns throughout the musical wilderness, by going deep into song making territory with a project created mostly by one member of the group.

Moving in a very different direction than other recent Negativland releases, and with a decidedly surreal bent, “Thigmotactic” is the first entirely song-based project to emerge from the minds of Negativland. These eccentric toe-tapping electronic folk-pop noise songs are strung together to form a continuous and cohesive listening experience, with themes emerging around meat, feet, pants, milk, cows, trucks, Herb Alpert, Richard Nixon, and even love.

“Thigmotactic” continues in Negativland’s decades long collage and cut-up tradition, but while the trademark sound of found audio elements is heard through-out, the cutting up and collage is also in the lyrics, created by combining dream journals, bits of advertisements, found poems, automatic writings, stream of consciousness, old National Geographic articles, and more.

The fifteen songs and two instrumentals were written, composed and performed by Negativland’s Mark Hosler, with contributions from the rest of the group, and with well-known San Francisco noisemaker Thomas Dimuzio contributing lots of rather unexpectedly normal sounding instruments, arrangements and production.

The found ethic continues with the artwork that accompanies each track, created from found materials to illustrate each song. Many of these have been shown as part of Negativland’s traveling art show “Negativlandland”, and, in a creative experiment in financing this release, each one-of-a-kind work is for sale via this website. Look under VISUAL ART to find them (art prices coming soon!).

Negativland has always existed as an umbrella under which the group releases collaborative work in many mediums – music, noise, collage, film, design, animation, fine art, books, lectures, essays, sculpture, performance, radio, web sites, etc. – with the term “Negativland Presents” sometimes being used as a way to release work that might be mostly the product of one member’s brain, or uses members outside of the immediate collective. To learn more about Negativland’s unusual history, read their bio.

“Norris bangs one yucca stump after another to rout out an elusive night lizard, and gives me a running resume of the genus: its smallness, its lack of eyelids, how it sheds its skin as a snake does, that it is so incredibly sedentary that one may stay under the same bush or Joshua tree for much of its entire life and, being strongly thigmotactic – needing to keep in contact with world around it – will always try to keep its back against a solid protective roof…”
-Ann Zwinger, The Mysterious Lands

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