Write Anything Here (Chapter Four)

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  1. B.Priest says:

    If money is the root of all evil, why does the church need yours? what does god spend it on?

  2. B.Priest says:

    “Whoever becomes the ruler of a free nation and does not destroy it can expect to be destroyed by it, for it can always find a motive for rebellion in the name of liberty and it’s ancient usages, which are neither forgotten by lapse of time, nor by the benefits recieved”

  3. Timothy Archer says:

    Does anyone know the guitar chords for Nesbitt’s Lime Soda Song?

  4. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Dm Am Dm Am
    next bit
    G D A G A D G Am

    and repeat….


  5. jersicka says:

    I like Seeland!


  6. Timothy Archer says:

    Thanks a bunch, PhantomGuitarist!

  7. cuRiOus says:

    If Negativland sold a limited production of Boopers “designed” by the Weatherman, would you purchase one?
    How much would you pay for sentimental audio oscillation artifacts?

  8. cakefarts says:


  9. Richard S. says:

    Re: 121
    I’ll prey for you…..

  10. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I think I’d go £100 maybe at a push for a booper. $1000 seems a bit steep.

    I don’t think it’s likely that any will be made commercially though. One can but dream.

    PS – No problem Mr Archer.

  11. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 125: Wouldn’t it be great to have Seeland release an album on Seeland, particularly if it was self-titled.

  12. vincent cannata says:

    Members of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS talk about why they DIDN’T sell out!

    GRUFF – We’ve turned down shitloads of ads because we’ve not been comfortable with the idea. The coca-cola advert was the one we were least comfortable with. It was instinctive – it just felt wrong. There’s always the danger that it could propel one song out of control and define us as a band, which would just undermine all our albums. We wouldn’t have made much cash out of it personally anyway – it would have made money for a lot of publishing companies. It’s a case of never say never, but most of the adverts that have been offered have been crap.

  13. B.Priest says:

    Re 129, Thanks?, but do i have to make a donation?

  14. B.Priest says:

    I agree with S.F.A’s on that, i wish more artists thought like that! if you shake hands with the devil, there is no going back

  15. Greg Falkingham says:

    Ah, it made me smile to hear a bit of Front 242 on the most recent HRWD (yes, I’m a bit behind on my podcast listening).

    I remember picking up ‘Front By Front’ near the end of ’88, and it really rocked my world (in a year that had also already given us Skinny Puppy’s ‘ViviSect Vi’ and Ministry’s ‘The Land Of Rape And Honey’).

    There’s very good interview of Richard 23 up on YouTube right now, taken from this past December when they played Budapest. It’s interesting to hear his take on the E.B.M. genre (that most of the artists that followed on from them basically got it wrong), and the perspective of having made their mark in musical history and not feeling the need to create any new material.

  16. noxoteus says:

    I know little of much of your work. Looking forward to learning more about your work and stance.

    At 22 or so I was hearing the U2/C. Kasem cut on the radio; sometime later I recall the news of your legal diorama. Dilemma? Maybe for Mr. Kasem, I dunno. You and the U2 seem to be doing all right.

    Don’t know what this says about me, but OTE radio has been cheering me the eff up for a few years now, alongside of providing good healthy wonderment. Having quit all intoxicants, I find I still need some sort of helpful weapon to wield against the din in me head. Great works!


  17. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I got into OTE after a few years of listening to Negativland’s main stuff. I didn’t get the compilation OTE CD’s initially, then I grew to like em. Then I listened to the full 3-5 hr extravaganza and now I’m hooked. Now listening to the IAIYH original series (up to part 4 now) and also tuning into the mammoth HRWD series (pt7). As well as listening to the current episodes for this week.

    Somewhere in all of this I still find time to listen to other music, but not a whole lot of it.

  18. dick says:

    click on me-it’s almost funny

  19. PhantomGuitarist says:

    That’s where the ‘dick’ link at the top should lead.

  20. dude says:

    I’m so waisted, i just tried to send a text to over the edge.

  21. B.Priest says:

    Ha ha! poor maddonna, looks like she had an unsuccessful shopping trip! what’s the world coming to when you can’t even buy children from some desperate third world country!

  22. Camille says:

    I stenciled a shirt based on one of my favorite samples from Dispepsi as a birthday gift for a friend a month or so ago. It was my first attempt at stenciling anything, and I think it came out pretty well:


  23. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Nice shirt Camille

  24. PhantomGuitarist says:


    Does this actually exist, and if so where can I get a copy? Or is it as mundane as stated in the review….

  25. Greg Falkingham says:

    re: #144

    I’d be kind of fun if it didn’t exist.

    It occurs to me that there is a kind of wonderfully subversive bit of mayhem to be had in creating and propagating users reviews throughout the web of products of various kinds that don’t actually exist.

  26. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 145

    Sounds like an idea. Ultra rarities: so rare that there are none left. Haha.

  27. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Time for WAH part 5???? This is getting long again, the scroll button on my mouse is getting more use than my right hand these days…..

  28. vincent cannata says:

    Why no new OTE on the iTunes podcast?

  29. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Online now mr VC. This is the Universal Media Netweb.

  30. vincent cannata says:


  31. vincent cannata says:

    No….. it’s still saying April 3 on the iTunes…… D’OH!

  32. vincent cannata says:

    Got it! Took a while, but I got it!

  33. Tofu Tart says:


    I used to play you guys on my radio show back in the 90’s on Audio Assault! sponsored by UC Mafia Slug Radio in Santa Cruz. I am formerly known as Agra Siva. I am glad you are still around and kicking at that.

    I joined your mailing list so I do not miss any more shows. I did not get a confirmation though. Maybe I did not join. I hope so. Can you check?

    Mucho thanks!


  34. Fred says:

    RE: vince & phantom
    Is it cheaper to get the shows from itunes? I like sending my money to the ‘land. Haven’t you ever noticed how thin they are??

  35. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I don’t actually use iTunes, I get my DL straight from here. I presumed Vince was talking about the latest episode of OTE and also assumed that the new OTE would go onto itunes at much the same time as it was uploaded on here.

    As for older shows, I buy direct from Negativland. Sometimes snugganut may even give you quite a nice bulk order discount.

    They are so thin due to all that hitting up behind the bins at KPFA (allegedly).

  36. snugganut says:

    for anyone who’s wondering, yes, we’re collecting email addresses, but no, we’re not doing anything with them just yet, except maybe to search for users on myspace. we’re planning to get this together soon. volunteers welcome!

  37. vincent cannata says:

    Hope a new ‘piece’ on the current economic slump is still in the works……

  38. vincent cannata says:

    Oh, and yes, the OTE’s come to the iTunes for free, but once I find gainful employment, I will purchase my favorite OTE’s…..

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