Write Anything Here (Chapter Five)

128 Responses to “Write Anything Here (Chapter Five)”

  1. vincent cannata says:

    Heck, Mr. Guitarist…… How ’bout a nice big HISTORY MIX!
    …or a “Stars On 45”-style….. call it “Negativland For Dummies”.
    C’mon, c’mon, dummies!

  2. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Not a bad idea Vince. In the meantime here’s one I prepared earlier, right at the top of the music player. Also feel free to listen to my other stuff, which are all kinda works in progress.


  3. vincent cannata says:

    Mr. Guitarist,
    You might like “The Raiding Of The 20th Century” for a little inspiration:


    Nice history mix.

  4. paul q says:

    The promised change is supposed to broker a “peace.” Considering the couple spent their 10th anniversary on June 12 “150 miles apart,” it sounds like time to cut bait. The Gosselin disintegration may have them among the top 25 searched people on Yahoo! in May, but a grumbling backlash makes us feel they’ve overstayed their welcome.

  5. vincent cannata says:

    re: 124
    “Que?”- Manuel.

  6. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 123, what did you think of my efforts, critique please good or bad.

  7. vincent cannata says:

    Oh, I like it…. alright….., and I know it’s not the easy thing to do, BUT, keep the samples moving, pack more in each minute. I’ve got no problem with the base loop/sample, but more OVER it would make it ROCK!

  8. PhantomGuitarist says:

    OK cheers mate. Was thinking of beefing it up a little anyway. Look forward to Dispepsi Remix v2 sometime soon.

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