Write Anything Here (Chapter Five)

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  1. Adjective Noun says:

    Mr Antagonism
    You did some cool shows in the early 90’s as well if I recall. Were you part of the Mr Pumpkinhead show?

  2. izzy Isn't says:

    Re: #78
    Yes, the phones are screwed since KPFA put in the broadcast delay. So now, unfortunately, the little speaker in your phone is the only way to be in real time in the mix. Some have hooked headphones up to their phone output and use the phone like a microphone for better listening.

    Re: #79
    Yes, MANY MANY good old shows are not up yet but we have them and they will eventually appear. Hope it’s not too late.

    Re: #80
    Thanks much. Comments similar to this make all this work very much worthwhile.

  3. Rich in Washington says:

    I’ve often wondered why broadcast delay devices can’t be taken off-line after ten, where nothing’s indecent or obscene. I think it’s just radio engineering staff being fussy and obstinate. It sure plays hell with trying to do stuff with people over the air in a live way. And forget about doing live simulcasts with local public access TV!

  4. MrAntagonism says:

    #81-Yes,I am that MrAntagonism…part of the blatant OTE rip of…errrr…tribute known as The Mr. Pumpkinhead Show,which was kind of in place before I got there,and sporadically appears now and then since,but I got it a regular timeslot for a while there.We had some good moments,and some I would rather not remember,but I could NOT have done it without the influence of OTE and Negativland.Now I am in Texas,and radio here is a vast wasteland of Mexican radio,Religious programming,Sports Talk,and every bad format you would never want to hear.Even the College radio is bad,rich kids with bland indie taste playing dj….turrible.

    I have to be content with performing in a 3 piece weird experimental group where I play samples,circuit bent toys,theremin like devices,and such through guitar pedals and other effects devices…while fun,it lacks a certain something that having a regular nonpaid professional job in radio had.Thanks for the kind words though. Mr.A

  5. Adjective Noun says:

    I stumbled upon the pumpkinhead show one night after ingesting psychedelics. I had never even heard of Negativland, so I thought the samples being played of the weatherman was some kind of muppet or something.

    A few months later we had more psychedelics and at the end of the night (while tuning a different frequency than KFJC ) I heard that voice again. This time it was live on some show called Dateline w/ Dr. Norway? So I called in and have been hooked ever since.
    I still love OTE even though I quit the drugs.
    Glad to hear your still weird Mr. A

  6. MrAntagonism says:

    One last Mr. Pumpkinhead comment,J.C. Clone was the founder of the show,and let me take the reins while I was there,and it was with him at times,and Gordon(who was the owner of those Weatherman samples…he has some inner connection with the Weatherman I think)…but Gordon and I had a synergy that worked so well together,we would work from two separate studios,I worked the main mix,while he did phone duty and embellishment to the whole deal….Gordon was very instrumental in making the whole show work,but I admire Don’s ability to work a cart machine and other devices,he is a true master.

    I got to witness an ote show in studio once,and watched as Don threaded a reel to reel loop through 3 reel to reel machines mounted in the studio wall,and then watched him take callers and add them to the loop in some sort of frippertronics tape loop round robin…

    The turning point for me as a caller to OTE that made me decide to go get a show of my own was the “We can help you”show of 92…or early 93.I had one 15-20 minute sample conversation with several taped voices going back and forth,seemingly random,but working like a well oiled machine….the best part of doing this kind of stuff is the happy accidents that happen,you can only plan so much,but it is those unexpected serendipitous events that just make it so worthwhile.

    Thank you to Negativland,and Don especially for forever changing the course of my creative life.Mr.A

  7. Adjective Noun says:

    I agree 100%.

  8. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 80: Thanks mate.

  9. J. D. Mack says:

    Is there a way to make a pledge to KPFA that specifically goes to support “Over The Edge”?

  10. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 89: Buy an OTE download if you wish to donate directly to Negativland. Or one of the many great albums.

    I should get a promo job.

  11. MrAntagonism says:

    Just send bags of unmarked bills directly to Izzy,I am sure he will distribute the gains fairly amongst the many voices and personalities that make up Over The Edge,or would Crosley be better to trust financially?

  12. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Omer D Edge is the most trustworthy I think.

  13. Negativland says:

    Buying directly from our website supports us directly (THANK YOU!) but donating to KPFA is critical too. No radio station, no radio show, simple as that. And KPFA is about the last station on Earth that still supports free form broadcasting without constraints, guidance, or censorship. You may not like everything they do, (I don’t) but that’s not the point of supporting it. It’s crucial to keep such a free spirit station alive and open in the 21st Century, where something rogue like OTE, whenever it comes along, can actually still happen in mass media.

  14. J. D. Mack says:

    OK, I just made a pledge to KPFA. And in the comments section of the pledge form, I told them how great Over The Edge is (which I listen to as a podcast each week).

  15. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I can’t make my mind up at all. If only there was a handy medication to help me….

  16. FoxJudsf says:

    Good, interesting article, but where took information?

  17. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Nearing a ton again. Chapter Six, anyone?

  18. Kalebarkab says:

    I want to find good pop music. Help me please.

  19. Hoosier says:

    I wonder if President Obama knows how much people are counting on him. On the other hand there is radio to bring us relief. Thank….
    what’s his name!

  20. MrAntagonism says:

    Music organization pushes unjust tax on radio airplay
    By Cathy Rought, spokeswoman, Free Radio Alliance
    Posted: 04/27/09 06:54 PM [ET]
    In his letter to The Hill (“Radio must change its tune on paying royalties to artists,” April 1), SoundExchange Executive Director John Simson wrote about “fairness” and the plight of artists in trying to sell this tax on local radio. Yet his organization is sitting on more than $100 million of artists’ assets — claiming they cannot find the artists to distribute the royalties. At the same time, they are pushing for a performance tax on local radio, at least half of which would end up in the labels’ pockets.

    The record labels love to talk about what radio pays in other countries and to compare America to Iran, China and North Korea. What the labels leave out is the funding inequities that American public radio experiences. And while commercial radio stations from other countries may be partially or wholly subsidized by the government and subject to government-mandated content quotas, American commercial radio is managed by private entities and reflects the variety of local voices in the communities they serve.

    Further, sound recordings are protected by copyright law for 95 years in the U.S. — far longer than in many other countries. In addition, the U.S. recording industry, without a performance tax, is larger than that of the U.K., France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain and Mexico combined, all of which have performance fee regimes.

    Why is SoundExchange so hung up on other countries? Because in other countries, a performance tax benefits the record producers much more than the artists. And in most European countries, a minimum of 77 percent of the total fees are distributed only to the 20 percent of the top earning performers. Great for Britney Spears, not so great for someone like Justin Jones or Deleted Scenes.

    Let’s not forget that major artists would have never reached the level of success they have without the airplay of radio. Radio airplay helps generate between $1.5 billion and $2.4 billion a year in music sales. Mr. Simson alleges the data supporting those figures has been “destroyed,” when, in fact, the data is owned by Arbitron and is available for purchase by anyone interested and willing to pay Arbitron for access to that proprietary information. I guess SoundExchange isn’t interested in paying, despite sitting on that $100 million in assets that belongs to artists they “haven’t found.”

    Then again, the record labels’ push to impose a performance tax has never been about truth or fairness. It’s about making an inside-the-Beltway play for something most local communities don’t — and won’t — support. 235 million Americans rely on local radio for local news, disaster information and for help in their community; many of them tune in for music, too. At a time when local communities are suffering so much in this economy, Congress should not put in jeopardy the 106,000 jobs that exist because of radio in order to benefit the foreign-owned record labels. The performance tax legislation is something America just can’t afford.


    If guns are rationed, restrict Rendell too

  21. vincent cannata says:

    Like the record industry has any sway to tell anybody to do anything anymore!!

  22. HealThoid says:

    Interesting… But what sign on novelties of the news?

  23. Greg Falkingham says:

    “But Trent, your post count on your own forum is 42. That’s kind of underwhelming for somebody who is bitching about their interactions with the great unwashed. I must have racked up thousands of posts over the 16 or so years we ran discussion areas and I did my damned best to make the majority of those years kick arse, because I am stupid and do things I love even when no one cool is watching.

    If you are for real then I’ve got some advice for you: close down your band. Do something else. It won’t kill you, in fact you might be much happier. Sure, you ‘ll miss being Angry Cyberdude, but its all getting a little smelly now isn’t it.” – Tom Ellard’s recent advice to Trent Reznor.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t do the whole copy-pasta thing anymore; and I won’t, but this particular part stuck me as something I had to pass along for a variety of reasons.

    For one, I recently second-guessed the purpose and nature of Write Anything Here. In a way, regardless of the quality of the output, it is kinda summed up in the line about doing thing we love even when no one is watching.

    As I see it, that statement even pertains to Over The Edge and Negativland itself. I think, at least since Dispepsi and the ‘Sonic Outlaws’ film, it has been a very very long time since the public eye has turned towards them. I remember back during the ‘True/False’ tour doing a kind of online review of the Toronto show, and someone remarking with surprise that the band even still existed.

    If it were a commercial enterprise, then I think the issue would be more troubling. The only reason Front 242 still carts its carcass around Europe these days is because it makes them money. As it is, I think what is interesting about Negativland is that they have continued to find a reason to exist as an artist venture purely for their own reasons. The people who didn’t want to be in Negativland anymore did the very sensible thing and left. And OTE, whatever its genesis might have been, now feels very much like a product of personal expression -a kind of audio blog without the pesky narcissism.

    As for Tom and Trent, who knows really? Tom’s been doing the ‘angry cyberdude’ thing for as long as I’ve been on the internet -but he’s always been aware of that, and it has been part of the fun in tracking his online presence. With Trent, I have not been keeping up at all. I find myself having much the same reaction with NIN as I have with anime -its not the artistic output that I have a problem with (and indeed, I have enjoyed much of it), but it is the fans and everything else surrounding it that I find very very annoying. And, indeed, cos-play seems to be a big part of both (no black eyeliner for me, please, I’m almost forty!).

    What is the point of this post? I think I may have lost a bit of the thread myself, since it was, at least in part, about fans and fan-interaction. If I were to ask myself, what is the motivation for sitting down at this computer and typing out these words -is it because I’m talking to a number of anonymous faces out in the web, or because there is a good chance that what I’ve written will meet the eyes of Mr Edge? I grimly suspect that a fan-is-a-fan-is-a-fan, no matter if that person is a fan of Negativland or the Jonas Brothers.

    Actually, that may not be an entirely fair statement, especially since OTE has always made it its mandate to incorporate fan interaction as part of the performance -certainly a different kind of engagement to having a fan come up on stage and dance with the lead singer during an instrumental break.

  24. Greg Falkingham says:

    (Please forgive the huge number of typos in the above post -I just wrote it really fast and didn’t really proof it properly before posting)

  25. B.Priest says:

    create music/art simply for the sake of doing it, all else is secondary

  26. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 103: interesting post mate. Personally I find nothing wrong with producing art for arts sake. I’ve been doing that to almost no-ones notice for a heck of a long time.

  27. Christian says:

    Art for art’s sake?


    (Apologies in advance for ruining your day.)

  28. PhantomGuitarist says:

    An interesting debate going down over there Christian. I always did like some Noise sometimes. Merzbow is a particular favourite and Death Structures I like to listen to while reading the manual.

    The thing about Negativland to me is that I used to like around 25% of their stuff, then I kept listening and now it’s more like 90%. It kinda grew on me. Same with Merzbow and a lot of other artists actually.

  29. ReverendEric.com says:

    I finally finished converting and posting my MP3s of Negativland performing live at the Carrboro Performing Arts Center in Chapel Hill, NC from 2001 (The “True / False” Tour). Due to the powerful self-prescribed medications I was on at the time, I only caught the first half of the show (plus the encore), but it’s plenty, and it’s beautiful.

    You can find it at: http://drop.io/truefalsenc

    I hope to post the video the mp3’s are taken from soon. Until then, Praise “Bob” and Praise Negativland!

  30. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Now that the precedent has been set for this to become a bit of a Negativland bootleg dumping ground, I will soon post a link for the DVD files for the More Than Live Bootleg. This is a good quality boot done with 2 cams. Watch this space.

  31. vincent cannata says:

    Dear Mr. IZZNT,
    GREAT OTE! Especially, everything after “Rock ‘n’ Roll Could Never Hip-Hop Like This”! MAde me wish that Mr. Prince Paul (or maybe Jack Dangers) could make a sort-of Negativland ‘DANCE COLLAGE PARTY”!! Now, THAT”S why “Thingmo..” didn’t necessarily DO IT for me….. not enough ‘RUMP-RATTLING BEATS!!’
    Too bad those ‘cell-phone’ callers ruined the flow……
    I’m at the 2:47 point at the moment…
    Still, it was a really good show!!

  32. Chops says:

    The Chopping Channel Live 2001 rough edit video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUdz2Bfur68

  33. Rich in Washington says:

    I am surprised that no one’s ever attempted to do a Negativland, dance-able remix album.
    Good idea Mr. Cannata!
    Yeah, would be cool to see something by Dangers, DJ Spooky or The Orb crew.
    That’s my fantasy remix project!
    Especially if it was a benefit for something like the EFF or something.

  34. Negativland says:

    For your ultimate dancey pleasure and exorcising music, we rhythmically recommend the all-Neg covers CD by the 180 Gs. We simply don’t know what else anyone would need to get down on any floor anywhere.

  35. Chops says:


    Listen to Sex Dirt…….. it’s full of bootyfunk.

  36. vincent cannata says:

    re: DANCING!
    I know social situations are NOT what they used to be, BUT, I’ve been known to stop what I’m doing around my house to simply dance with myself! Heck, even bouncing your ass-cheeks on a chair while reading some ‘crap’ on the computer is considered DANCING, to me!
    PS. I’m sure you already know I OWN everything y’all put out. Sadly, Petra Hayden beats the 1-80 G’s to the a cappella punch. Right to the car commercials, she went!
    re: 115
    “Sex Dirt”‘s beats tend to speed up & slow down….. sad, but true.
    “I Am God” was the ‘dance-floor maker’!

    Still, the ‘neg-cannon’, in the hands of an ‘out-side source’ might just be what the doktor ordered.
    ‘Coz, honestly, Mr. Izzn’t’s argument on the death of music, taken to it’s logical extreme, could force a wrong hand to end this lovely thing we call Negativland!!!!!

  37. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 113: Perhaps we should make that remix album between us. I am up for doing a danceable Negativland remix or 2, and surely some more of us on here would have the necessary skills and software. The World Decides to make a Negativland remix album.

  38. vincent cannata says:

    So…… I’m listening to “Tubular Bells II” for the first time today, and I can’t help but fell like it’s some sort of ‘sound-a-like’ version; when people wanna make a song for a commercial and they don’t wanna pay for the song, and they just alter the song by a couple of notes, you know….. The Simpsons do this when they wanna do a parody of “Evita” or “My Fair Lady”….. very strange that Mike Oldfield would do that to HIS OWN PIECE !!

  39. Rich in Washington says:

    I finally managed to get the audio archive up for the show that Active Ingredients, The Weatherman, Tommy Hollywood and I did last Friday night/Saturday morning (6/13/09).
    It can be listened to here:
    It was a hoot!

  40. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 118: I can’t get a certain image of Mike Oldfield’s ‘piece’ out of my mind now….

    I have created one Negland remix that’s kinda dancy. I will post it up somewhere later.

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