Write Anything Here (Chapter Six)

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  1. Greg Falkingham says:

    Well, it’s all a bit of a put on. Wiseau ‘directed’ and appeared in an episode of Tim & Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job. The Room also played on [Adult Swim] for April Fools.

  2. Finnius (Richard) says:

    Sorry to be a bother, but I recently tried to d/l the free OTE episode “The Trail of Feathers” (1993) and BOTH links to the .mp3’s are broken 🙁

    can/will those links be restored?…thanks

  3. snugganut says:

    our host deleted a bunch of our files without warning (using scanning software, which they’ve now supposedly disabled) because of what they claimed were copyright violations. i’m working to figure out which shows got deleted so that i can re-upload them as soon as possible. of course, if you buy a show that’s missing, i’ll get it to you right away, but as for the free ones, just keep checking back.
    sorry about any inconvenience!

  4. MentalMan says:

    Ptaszj !
    Are there any other deleted shows ?
    If so, maybe some listeners got them in stock and can provide them back (before they get deleted again !). Hihihi

  5. E_B_A says:

    Okay! Joke’s over! Who keeps stealing my garbage?

  6. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 123: copyright infringement is a criminal act. Fuck man, it’s getting bad out there. ECC’s Public Enemy/Herb Albert song is getting the threat of being removed from youtube and now OTE episodes being removed due to ‘copyright’. Can we even pretend to believe that we live in anything resembling a free world.

    Keep on rocking Negativland…. I will keep on listening.

    re 124: Pretty sure there are backups of all shows now online, but I have almost everything that is up on the site on CDR which I will be more than happpy to provide for anyone who wants them. Just name the episode name, date etc and if I’ve got it you can have it….

    I thought we had reached a point where copyright didn’t matter any more. How wrong I was.

  7. Negativland says:

    Even more frightening for creativity is the fact that our web host was using an automated scanner to find copyrighted material in ANY context. Fair Use, however, is BASED on context particulars, (is it criticism, commentary, creative appropriation that transforms the material etc.) so their policing process was an effectively universal denial that Fair Use might exist at all.

  8. Christian says:

    Re 125: Your garbage is being held in a secure location which you will never find. It will be returned to you for the right price.

    Do not call the police. If you do so, it goes straight into the incinerator.

  9. Rich in Washington says:

    Speaking of Weiden and Kennedy (we evoked their name around thread 80 or so) here’s a story about them supposedly hijacking a smaller firm’s ad campaign: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob9kbGjEHW8

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