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  1. ICTMeat says:

    That is definitely a viable answer to the question, but not one which seems to me to be expressive of a great deal of feeling. Certainly is there a respect for the form of expression, but is there actual heart involved anywhere? In other words, is the production itself appreciated, or is it only appreciated for its nature as a similarly-veined construction?

    If you follow me thus far, I hope you will take a closer look at the question 2. Unlikely does it seem to me that Negativland would take any great offense at anyone making reference to them; Read-Write Culture seems well-ingrained in their virtual collective psyche. But, how do they feel? Is it a cringing in anticipation of yet another fan who has represented them in some way with which they are uncomfortable? Are they honored that they have been immortalized as an iconographic entity? Are they passive to the whole inquiry?

    I, you may see, would rather pose a broader question, and hone it as need be, rather than make an overly-precise question which often requires reformation. :¬)

  2. PhantomGuitarist says:

    ICTMeat, I am not a member of Negativland, just a rather sarcastic fan. Actually I’m usually not all that sarcastic at all, and apologise for the rather pithy reply.

    As regards to KOL, I had never heard of it, but seem to have now found a new online game to waste my time in. Thanks. That was NOT sarcasm, I promise.

    I am easy to find on there, since I use the same name. Haven’t seen the Negativland references yet, well possibly one phrase seemed familiar. Or do you mean the radio station. I’ll listen to that soon.

  3. ICTMeat says:

    I’ve sent you an in-game message. For the rest of you (who care), here is a link to an external fan site which seeks to document all known references in the game. This link shows the known Negativland references.

    As to the radio show, it is mostly just volunteer fan DJs, but on Monday at 9pm EST and on Thursday at 10 pm EST, there is a 2-hour show where members of the development team field player questions, discuss various aspects of culture and media, and generally just talk about whatever comes up. Sometimes, they will have non-KoL guests, such as a recent episode which featured Adam Dunn ( — an artist, not the baseball player.

    As to the other DJs, there are a few who regularly play mash-ups, although mostly mainstream stuff like DJ Earworm, Justin Bieber vs. Slipknot, and Star Wars vs. Prodigy. Negativland occasionally gets played, but there is only one DJ who regularly plays mind-crushingly painful experimental music — that being the Dutch DJ Bodisaniwi (and this assumes he is not hosting an etymology contest :)).

    In case there is any confusion, I am not a member of the development team, nor of the administration. I am but a fan who observed the continued existence of OTE radio, thought about KoL, and put 2 and 2 together.

  4. srsos says:


    LOVE, Soft Round Smooth Organic Spaceships

  5. Negativland says:

    Sorry, Srsos. The feeling back in 2008 or whenever that was implemented, was that it was better for small screens, like Mark’s powerbook on which some of it was designed and tested. It is universally reviled.

    I’ll see to it when I get back in the country (I’m abroad at the moment). IT IS TIME TO CHANGE.

  6. srsos says:

    I’m confused as to why your sexual orientation should affect your foreign travel abilities but bless you for the kind response and solution to the the visual improprieties taken upon us all, lo this many years. All is well and good and right with the world again! Cheers!

  7. Negativland says:

    Yes, that is why I’m abroad. I finally decided to have the operation, and I had to travel to Thailand to have it done by the most competent surgeons. You may now refer to me as Ms. Webmaster, after tonight when I undergo the knife. I’ve been a colossal failure as a man; maybe I can do better as a woman.

  8. PhantomGuitarist says:

    You could have been the first musician to have a sex change, but Life of Agony have beaten you to it…

  9. PhantomGuitarist says:

    This is working again??? Hmmm, am I the first to notice?? Am I the last???

  10. Negativland says:

    The section closed itself when no one bothered to post for so long!

  11. PhantomGuitarist says:

    At the risk of talking to myself, I post again…

    IAYHFM Vol 2.0???? Releasing soon??? this year???

    A True/False Tour DVD? An album of chamber music by Pastor Dick?

    The Sooper Dooper Booper Album?

  12. Negativland says:

    Wow. How do you know so much about our plans?

  13. Hermy says:

    Now that this is back open could I suggest to PG that Wendy Carlos might have gotten the job done before yer one from Life of Agony.

  14. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Hermy, I stand corrected.

  15. Negativland says:

    This page is now linked to our Facebook page! Posts here show up in FB… but not the other way around…

  16. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Now I can talk to myself and Negativland fans can watch on FB… the power of the internet!!!

  17. finnius says:

    The short list:

    The Goon Show (50’s-60’s/)
    Firesign Theater (60’s-80’s)
    Over The Edge/Negativland (80’s-???)

    also, a quick question: is it safe to purchase archived OTE shows again…or is the site still wonky?

  18. Negativland says:

    NO. Totally NOT safe to do so yet. Big changes soon, but right now it’s still wacky. What shows are you interested in?

  19. finnius says:

    Well to start i would want the 5 or 6 shows in the 80’s section. I would have to check and see which ones i already have…

  20. finnius says:

    …also, if anyone is interested in trading…i have all the shows that were on the old (now extinct) ‘venom’ site…all the old kpfa archives, and many bought from this site…

  21. Rich in Washington says:


    There aren’t any airchecks of Firesign Theater radio shows prior to 1970, unless they have yet to be unearthed by FT’s archivist Taylor Jessen.
    All shows found thus far are compiled on the excellent Duke of Madness Motors set, available from Seeland Records. All shows were restored and it contains nearly the complete run of programs by all four Fireheads (Radio Hour Hour, Let’s Eat, Dear Friend, etc.), save for a few missing shows.
    I’m not sure if Peter Bergman ever recorded proper airchecks of his show that preceded Firesign, Radio Free Oz. I doubt it. Tape was expensive and it being a weekly show, I doubt he recorded any of it. I could be wrong.

    We’re airing random Firesign shows on Portland OR’s KBOO Community Radio – with Firesign Theater’s kind permission – hosted by yours truly.
    They’re on every 1st and 4th Monday at 10pm Pacific time.
    I really can’t recommend the Duke set enough, though. Not only do you get 80 hours of Firesign but the book is nothing short of amazing!

  22. Negativland says:

    We’re in the throes of revamping the site and cleaning up the OTE archives so that’s why things are still messy and dumb. We have all those shows, finnius, as well as every other OTE show ever recorded. But it’s just too much data!

    I’m taking suggestions – how do you want your OTE? We need to charge for them – Don does not get paid anything, and a little compensation would be nice for the man that brings it all to you practically every week. Do single downloads work? Would you, like the “This American Life” or Joe Frank fans, be into buying USB drives with whole ranges of shows on them?

    And at what kinds of prices? Please discuss while I take notes…

  23. Rich in Washington says:

    I like podcasts that do the monthly access thing.
    Prices usually range from $3 to $6. I would imagine that more mainstream, more popular podcasts would be more. I have no idea.
    If the bitrate was decent, I would be willing to shell out something like $2 a show. If you – like me – live outside of KPFA’s broadcast range, the sound quality of the live stream and KPFA’s archives are abysmal.
    While $2 bucks may not seem like a lot, that’s four shows a month, fifty-something a year (give or take the odd schedule).
    That’s my two cents.

  24. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I’m sure this was all discussed many years ago. I have paid for some OTE in the past, before the site went kablooie, and would pay again. I have a fairly extensive personal archive gotten from various web portals, but the avid collector in me makes me want all I can get… I’d say £3 a show, whatever that would be in dollars. From what I remember the prices last time were good and a bulk discount is always appreciated. For bulk I’d say USB drive could be good way to deliver a whole wack of shows, or a DVDR.

    I’d like to second the Duke of Motors recommendation, a great set that is. Oh, and IAIYHFM vol 2.0 please. True/False live DVD. Boopers for sale…

  25. Negativland says:

    It was discussed, but that was years ago, so I’m taking the temperature again!

    £3 is about $6 or so, innit? And I remember a $5 price from years ago. Is that what downloadable entertainment costs in general these days? We’re making $0 now, so we want to set a price above that but that fits in with what people would be willing to spend to support Don and the program.

    I like USB drives, myself. Seems like OTE listeners would be into getting a huge slab of audio at a time.

  26. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I would agree with that, very likely that anyone that is a regular OTE listener is not put of by many many hours of sound…

    Is the plan to do away with the current system of previous months shows being free and a paid for archive? Or would recent shows still be free? Just wondering. Selling USB drives with particular sets would be popular, I’d imagine.

  27. Negativland says:

    The paid-for archive has not worked properly in some time. Finnius has just realized this!

    The plan would be to offer the most recent show as a free download with archived shows available for cost. But OTE is far too big for any given server. So we could only offer a few shows for download in any case. We could certainly make up USB drives with a custom list of shows, though. We’re looking into this.

  28. mat catastrophe says:

    Here’s a pretty good idea that, like most of my ideas, is probably insanely complicated and unworkable, yet is really good….

    At least, that’s how I think about my ideas. YMMV.

    I’m guessing that all these digitized OTE shows already exist on some computer, somewhere. So, instead of just loading them all on a webserver, why not get some whizbang computer kid to code up some kind of webapp that would allow us to browse a database of all the shows and, when we select one and pay for it, that show is loaded onto the webserver and then the file is wiped from the server once the show is downloaded (yes, there’s a lot of tricky technical stuff there I’m sure)…

    Now, that would cover the need to have the entire archive online and you could still offer 10 – 20 “best shows” each month and/or the USB sticks. Or something.

  29. finnius says:

    I remember years ago when we were discussing putting the entire collection on terabyte drives for sale…and i for one would DEFINNATELY pay for that. (especially because there are a huge amount of shows that are not listed on the OTE page that ARE available, and could we pretty please get those as well)

    if a huge harddrive would be prohibitive, maybe 32 or 64 gig flash drives…anyway, I would say that most of the true fans would support this type of offer…just include the cost of the flashcard in the price…

    as for the Goon show, i have all the remastered recordings that have been released, and a bunch that have been floating around.

    as for Firesign Theater, does anyone have a complete collection of the ‘stoned live radio’? I have a partial..but would like to complete that set.

  30. finnius says:

    I was re-reading some of the earlier posts and I wanted to mention that I have my copy of the True/False VHS that I also converted to dvd…(At the House of Blues, Chicago, IL April 11, 2000 122min. (Pro Shot)copy 41/100)…if Negativland wants/needs a copy of that dvd…

  31. Negativland says:

    Finnius, Negativland needs any copy you’ve got. Contact me off this board!

  32. Negativland says:

    Mat – that’s probably something like what we’ll do. There are no script kiddies to help out, though. This is all me, so custom webapps – prolly not going to happen…

  33. FuckRightOff says:

    So um … have you ever considered suing Apple using Musit as prior art?

  34. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Liking the (slightly) new look of the site. OTE still to be sorted (a mammoth task I am sure). But liking the login for the shop and ability to write reviews etc. Some new product in there would be cool 😀

  35. Hermy says:

    A pity to see the old site gone and with it all the links to old shows. Unlike the two times before (when the old, old site went away and kpfa removed their archive) I’m glad I downloaded all I could. There’s just no radio show to compare and it’s great to listen back to.
    Still, I hope this new format works out for ye in radioland and for us listeners. Long live OTE.

  36. Negativland says:

    From yr. webmaster: We’d like to keep offering the free links, but they were never actually part of the plan. They were there because the site was broken, and we all took advantage of that. So now the site is stable and “works” for a change.

    If we could find any entity that would host our one billion Gb of data that comprises OTE we’d also be have that up on permanent display, but that’s getting harder to find under “web 2.0.” Not as much call for unlimited storage as you might think. “Unlimited” to a web company means a very different thing than it does to literal thinkers like me.

  37. Rich in Washington says:

    Have you thought of approaching the folks who do UBU.Web to see if they’d be willing to host the vast OTE archive?
    They’re like the Swiss bankers of surreal and experimental audio. Maybe they’d be willing to do it.

  38. PhantomGuitarist says:

    WAH has gone all silent again, also the OTE page seems to be quiet too. Have Negativland finally visited the Pepsi Cola Can In The Sky?

  39. Negativland says:

    from your lowly webmaster:
    Yeah, the traffic in WAH has been steadily diminishing all along. Lively things are happening on the accursed Facebook, but that does not help us here. I’m supposed to start a new WAH page and see what happens, but I’ve been a bit burdened lately. We’ll give it a whirl and see what happens!

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