Belorussians love Steve Albini

So much so that there is now a brand spanking new Belorussian translation of Albini’s “The Problem with Music” essay.

You can find the English version here: The Problem with Music

And the new Belorussian translation here:  ???????? ? ???????

If you have not read it lately – in any language – it bears a revisit.

4 Responses to “Belorussians love Steve Albini”

  1. tonguecutter says:

    bouncing baby fruitflies exploding to the size of small puppies….sperm writhing about on the floor the size of salmon…lets have a sperm steak dinner with a side of solidified fruitfly….your meal has been served.

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  3. heitmanek1 says:

    Thats nice. Every recording engineer in Chicago has a hard on for him. If Devo is into people devolving does that explain there copyright use?

  4. heitmanek1 says:

    I’m sorry one more question. Mark Hosleris trapped in a room with Ronald Ragan, a Public Image Limited album and the ghost of Dinah shore. What would he do?

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