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  1. Jessebob says:

    I have a hypothetical question to ask you.

    You’re online at 4 AM when you get a message from a stranger. He tells you he’s a Russian spacedog named Jerusalem Ultra. He was sent into space to repair Soviet spy satellites. He was carrying out these orders when his ship collided with a non-corporeal intelligence. Jerusalem Ultra was imbued with newfound cognitive abilities, but his ship was rendered inoperable upon impact. Thankfully, he hacked one of the satellites, and uses it to communicate with the good people of Earth.

    Some of you might ask yourselves how a non-corporeal entity could collide with a spacecraft, but that’s not the question. Here’s the question:

    Is he a good boy?

  2. A Message from Future says:

    Don’t you know that who we are what we want?
    Create more AI Robots
    Create Jessica

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sum my dik

  4. Neil says:

    Hey, could someone tell me what the sample is from where Michael Jackson splashes mud on a girl named Carol? I think it’s from an after school special, but I’m not sure. Is anyone from Negativland reading this? Fatboy Slim stole this from you guys. What is it?

  5. Kyle says:

    Wow, big. Goodnight.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    TalkStory Films is a rip-off. Paid for the documentary in February, Still no sign of it. The guy stopped answering email and his website is gone.

  8. Don't know says:

    Sometimes it really feels like that I have no reason to stay here, I am useless, it feels like let’s just give up give up , holding enough for a long time …..now I really want to die but …but I am scared of the world afterlife.

  9. fropchopula says:

    Msg boards are the wave.
    The future happened dozens of years ago.
    glad you survived.

  10. Omar Farquarstenson says:

    The Dark Web is nothing special.
    The Deep Web the same.
    Now the Deep Dark Web, that’s another story.

  11. Nestor Douglass says:

    Harry S. Robins is a smelly faggot.

  12. Caleb Bradham says:

    These comments are more enjoyable to read while sipping down the delicious, refreshing taste of a Pepsi Cola. Drink Pepsi today.

  13. Juicy J says:

    Ask thy self for time is of the essence, will son of man stand once more against the animals which they appear to be. I came here today to say the assasin is for hire. how many shillings for thy liberation of my sins.

  14. Paleo-Luxemburgist=Neo Conservative-Zionist-postmodern-structuralist-transhumanist says:

    I’ve been itching to know the following things about Negativland:

    1) What types of keyboards, live controllers, and pedals do you use?

    2) Do you sell the bloopers you have made?

    3) What inspired you guys to start Negativland?

    4) Why aren’t you guys posting more consistently?

    5) Are you guys anarchists (If so, what strain)?

  15. Hermit & Fool says:

    Can capitalism coexist *peacefully* with humankind, or will it always result in human-unkind? Why don’t we feel more responsibility for each other’s suffering? Still waiting for more ppl to Wake Up!

  16. captain fred says:

    Hey Wobbly! After listening to the “Intentional Capture” show (october 26} it appears you have really pissed off some woman and now by re-broadcasting her complaining phone messages you have pissed her off even worse. So, I guess my question is…what did she ever do to you? Thanks, I’ll take my answer off the air…click…

  17. matador says:

    Paleo-Luxemburgist=Neo Conservative-Zionist-postmodern-structuralist-transhumanist is never gonna know

  18. mothermary says:

    hey guys so i was playing minecraft today ande i died to a creeper can soomeone spare some diamonds i need a sord

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