Negativland Art Show Booper Set

How about some video of the Negativland Show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery? Video by Andre Perkowski.

3 Responses to “Negativland Art Show Booper Set”

  1. Adrian Cain says:

    Dear Negativland,
    would you like to adopt me?

  2. Negativland says:

    Dearest Adrian,

    We regret to inform you that once pre deliberation does begin in what is estimated to be no less than twenty-seven (27) days post publishing of this private record into the public display and no greater than fourteen (14) days after said public record is no longer privately displayed, as per the advice of our attorney, who as our attorney assumes no liability personally or otherwise in this matter at any time now or then and furthermore is thus free from said liability in any and all ways related or unrelated to this matter, regarding your stated adoption request publicly published the Eighteenth (18th) of January in the year of two thousand and thirteen (2013), you, Adrian Cain, will be receiving the finalized documented record of the aforementioned attorney-client, where we, Negativland, are client and our attorney is attorney, meeting when and where your request of adoption by us was discussed at length and said discussion was documented for the record at large including but not limited to that document which you shall receive within a legally reasonable length of time.

    Our sincerest apologies,

  3. C.L. The Raccoon says:

    so in other words;

    sorry, but no?

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