Write Anything Here (Chapter Three)

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  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    How can a billion illegal downloaders be wrong?

  2. Biefcase says:

    Izzy, Park, & Meter- booptastic shew tonight. Your gonna melt some faces off on new years.

  3. vincent cannata says:

    To comment #120:
    I don’t think Mr. Mark is the richest guy in town.
    Like many people, he is making ‘entertainment’ for such a small group of people, and I think the ‘music industry’ is FAR beyond saving at this point….. sad, but true.

    “Lighten up, Fransis.”

  4. snugganut says:

    biefcase –
    did you call in to the show last night and play your green box?

  5. Biefcase says:

    Snugganut- I did! Could you hear it on the phone? I heard Izzy say something about it. And I got a call today from the guy with the white beard today, he said I did a good job on it. That was a big deal to me.
    Did you sing CARBOMB last night?

  6. vincent cannata says:

    Here’s to the ‘flop=tops’!
    I hope you guys are getting a ‘healthy’ paycheck for your NYE show!

    If a new piece is in the works, I feel you have to mix the songs with the ‘sound/noise’ pieces!

    The new album felt naked….. just my opinion, of course.
    Here’s hoping you can also maybe compile “How Radio Was Done” into a nice “Over The Edge” comp!
    Wishing I was there,

  7. snugganut says:


    when you say “the guy with the white beard,” do you mean the weatherman or santa claus? i would be very surprised to hear that david called you. your video on youtube cracked me up, with the lights and the blowing on the black thing.

    and yes, i did sing/yell on carbomb, and participated in the show, all of which was very surreal and exciting because i’ve been a huge fan for quite some time.
    i haven’t listened to the show yet, so i’m not sure if it was a fun clusterfuck or a complete disaster!

  8. vincent cannata says:

    Oh, it was pretty good.

  9. PhantomGuitarist says:


    I agree, there should be some booper stuff on the new album, if there is to be one. How on earth one would ever hope to condense the HRWD series into an OTE compilation I do not know, but would still like to see an attempt at it!

    As for the World Decides, could it be the next OTE thing, a bit like Receptacle Programming, but with emailed or web uploaded content for those of us unable or unwilling to cripple ourselves financially with international phone charges (even us fans have children to clothe etc)?

    I for one would love to drop a few minutes (or even a longer segment) into the mix. Or take over Over the Edge for 15 mins or half an hour. Would take the pressure off Mr Isn’t.

    Just a thought. The World can Decide, I guess.

  10. Beef says:

    I just listened to the show in mono. It was pleasantly confusing, especially when Mark was talking to the Weatherman over the long Shoutcast delay. It sounded like you guys were having fun!
    The lack of rockstar mentality in this group is so refreshing.
    I was actually lucky enough to be invited down there by santa claus to help out for one of the Sexdirt shows….VERY surreal.
    Im glad you got a laugh out of my video. Im going to make more that I should have up in a few weeks…. perhaps with special guests….†

  11. Greg Falkingham says:

    re #129:

    I think this idea definitely has merit, and is very much a logical extension of what OTE had been doing and embracing with more primitive technologies in the past.

    I was already thinking how much of what the Puzzling Evidence show has become is about watching YouTube content over the air (who in turn contribute content to YouTube, viz PuzzlingEvidenceTV).

    It may well be that this way madness lie, but given the current state of things, it is at least one avenue worth exploring. The question then becomes -is it possible to be spontaneous, in real time, on the web?

  12. PhantomGuitarist says:

    re 131: spontaneity is probably a hard one, but certainly some new creativity could be achieved. Perhaps the Take Over Over The Edge (TOOTE) could be one option. Izzy Isn’t isn’t getting any younger and if he had 15 min or half hour segments were he could go for a piss break (yeah I caught that bit on Boopy Xmas) then maybe that would be helpful. Could make it harder to maintain a ‘topic’ for a particular show, but maybe that’s a good thing: The World Will Decide what should be on Over the Edge!

    Just a thought.

  13. "get your own show" says:

    It just won’t be over the edge.

  14. Plaster Castro says:


  15. RR Anderson says:

    TACOMA WASHINGTON: The Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians (C.L.A.W.) meets twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. “More than anything else I think we were all looking for an excuse just to sit down with other artists and have fun doodling,” said Mark Monlux. “Oh, that and wear fez and have a secret handshake.”

  16. Izzy Isn't says:

    Re #129
    I don’t know about this idea of incorporating “live” or recorded Internet material spontaneously into the OTE mix. I really don’t want listeners watching or working on line during the show, then they are no longer listening! Multi-tasking is certainly possible, but not recommended during any kind of art appreciation. I really love the ears-only, theatre of the mind, sensory exclusivity that radio, all by itself, demands. I see it as an entertainment plus, not as a drawback needing augmentation with the other senses.
    Also,I have too much to think about already and really don’t want to be bothered by yet another waiting input to compose with.

    I stil like the phones for spontaneous, audio only input, though recently that input seems pretty awful – unimaginative, dull, and inconsequential.
    And there are plenty of ways to call free through the Internet, aren’t there?. I don’t use that myself so perhaps someone out there can tip off our international and long distance listeners some of the best sites to call Berkeley free through?
    (OTE on-air #: 510-848-4425. When your phone stops ringing, you’re on the air. Don’t say hello.
    The show you hear in your telephone is LIVE, all other signals, broadcast or on line, are delayed anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds.


  17. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Thanks for the response Izzy. I get where you are coming from. I was unaware of the opportunity to phone via the internet, if anyone does know more can they please let me know?

  18. PhantomGuitarist says:

    PS – I was thinking of purely audio content, not multi-media or anything. Just in case I have been misconstrued.

  19. WoWcaholic says:

    the brain hurts,
    how can it be fixed?

    advice dearly appreciated.

  20. MentalMan says:


  21. MentalMan says:

    Total ablation of the Brain might be useful sometimes…

  22. AKA says:

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  23. Just Sayin' says:

    Seeing as how it’s a new year, and this page is becoming a bit unwieldy – what say we fire up a Chapter 4?

  24. ki6iqk says:

    IZZY-Part 95b was a standout show….a lot more interesting than the 1987 I remember.
    Although, I’ve been wondering what the “line strait or curved or even a dot, or a protuberance, or a cavity”-bit was since i heard it around 86/87. I thought I dreamed it ’cause I still remember it so vividly and can’t place it.

    Can’t wait to have my memory jogged again in 4hrs.
    P.S. One time while listening to OTE in the dark w/ headphones I started to fall out of my chair due to some panning effect you were doing… & no, I wasn’t drunk.

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