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Negativland’s new album, IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD, finds the group tackling their biggest subject ever: why humans believe in God. Millennia-in-development, this ambitious and densely-crafted double CD is packaged inside an actual Holy Bible which has been appropriately repurposed into a “found” art object, handmade by Negativland.

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19 Responses to “Negativland – “It’s All In Your Head” NOW SHIPPING”

  1. vincent cannata says:

    Bought one!
    Funny; on the same day U2 is attempting to give away THEIR new album…….. what a world.

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  4. Adrian says:

    Arrived a couple of days ago. great sound and a terrific package. Just trying to read the scripture is mindblowing.

  5. PhantomGuitarist says:

    This arrived a couple of days ago, haven’t gotten around to listening yet, but what a great package, worth paying same again for international postage for sure 🙂 My wife was stunned that it was actually a real bible, she figured it would have been either a mock bible with some fake scripture, or perhaps a fake bible with no pages to house the CD’s. In all my 35 years on this Earth I had never owned a Bible, but now that I do I think I’ll have a go at reading it. Will put IAIYH into context 😀

  6. nico k says:

    Seems to be one of your best albums to date !
    Plus, it’s definitely the coolest package I’ve ever seen.

    As prescribed, I’ll file the book in my library under “fiction”.

  7. vincent cannata says:

    My wife said the SAME THING!
    “There’s a REAL BIBLE in our HOUSE NOW?!?!?!”

  8. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I’ve now set to rediscovering the It’s All In Your Head OTE episodes from 2004. So glad I bothered to keep up an archive of this stuff. I’d recommend others do the same, if they can find them now. Mine so far sound like they have been recorded on a very hissy cassette, but the material is great, especially the extended Bible discussions with callers.

  9. Mashdoom says:

    Just received! Excellent album and package. I’m probably the only person in my city that owns this!

  10. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I’m fairly sure I’m the only person in Glasgow that owns this. I’m extremely confident I’m the only person in Glasgow that owns the entire Negativland catalogue.

  11. Reverend Entity says:

    I bought the sh-t out of this. It’s awesome. It does feel a little weird actually having a KJV in the house, but given the circumstance I’ll allow it.

  12. vincent cannata says:

    Here’s hoping more NEW RELEASES are on the way!

  13. Chris says:


    No, you’re not! Not sure I can claim to own the entire catalogue, but I’ve a large percentage. Can’t say I’ve ever met another fan, though.

  14. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Chris, are you in Glasgow?

  15. vincent cannata says:

    WOW! A ‘friend connection’!
    May you two share a ‘real world’ comradery, and your common Neg-love!

  16. PhantomGuitarist says:

    Chris mate, if you’re living around Glasgow and fancy meeting another Negativland fan then drop me a line at and we can sort something out in the new year maybe. I’ve never actually met another fan either, figured I was the only one in Glasgow.

  17. Chris says:

    If you’re actually in Cathcart, then we live about two miles apart! Line duly dropped.

  18. vincent cannata says:


    Just heard Vicki from People Like Us yesterday say he was in Intensive Care!!!
    Please keep us ‘hard-cores’ informed!

    Hope he recovers!!!

  19. David says:

    Negativland is just awesome again…
    I started listening to Escape From Noise,,,
    and they cemented as my favorite group with

    Thanks for all the fun trips guys

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