BIG BONO IS WATCHING YOU: There is a U2 Album Virus On your iPhone

This is a public service announcement from Stukke and Stakke, legal representatives of the Contra Costa County group which calls itself Negativland. Island Records and Apple Computer have placed a “new album” by the Irish rock group by which calls itself U2 onto your iPhone or iDevice.

This “free gift” is not removable manually.
To remove this virus from your phone, you must use this “U2 Removal Tool”:
Be advised that this 60 MB download may count against your device’s “data usage limit/rate”. Users are urged to contact their cellular provider and verify that they have not been charged “airtime” for this unrequested item if it was inadvertently downloaded.

4 Responses to “BIG BONO IS WATCHING YOU: There is a U2 Album Virus On your iPhone”

  1. vincent cannata says:

    Luckily for me, my iTunes is so outdated (haven’t gotten a ‘software update’ since 2009), that it never ‘infected’ my system.
    However, I have a bunch of 3hr. OTE’s in it!

  2. Mr Jinenjo says:

    Heard about this at the listener comments section on Sound Opinions. Funny! and F*cked up!

  3. ELLIS Dee says:

    well kids..and everyone listening in radio land and beyond…I’m sure the irony is not lost as today (we knew this day would come ;)….boner ..sorry…Bono has lost his ability to play guitar EVER AGAIN…!!!…as in 1-I didn’t know he could play guitar..2…who cares..!!!…has he never heard ov sampling???…the karmic wheel slowly turns…as all roads lead to the street with no name ;)…fuck you Bono …and your lame ass publicity stunt to sell yet even more crappy albums!!…long live the ever positive NEGATIVLAND!!!

  4. Jeff Gross says:

    Thank you so much, I’ve tried like hell to remove that U2 album.

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