CANCER IS STUPID – Richard Lyons (19 April 1959 – 19 April 2016)


Richard Duaine Lyons, a founding member of the group Negativland, died peacefully and pain free at age 57 at eleven (“it’s not even funny”) PM on his birthday, April 19th, 2016, from complications due to nodular melanoma. He successfully fought off this cancer over 12 years ago, but it had recently returned, with inoperable tumors on his spine, liver and brain, and nothing succeeded in stopping it.


Earlier in the day, Richard had a lively birthday party at his skilled nursing facility, where he was receiving palliative care. Present were current and founding members of Negativland, satellite Negativland members and friends, as well as other current and former members of the group appearing simultaneously on various speaker phones and digital devices. With photos being taken of people taking photos of phones, phone speakers going right and left (with a dog barking on one of them), and some new age harp being played, the afternoon felt like an Actual Negativland Performance for the ages. David “The Weatherman” Wills led the group in singing the now-public-domain “Happy Birthday” (see below for link). Richard’s mother Evelyn called in a bit later, and her voice was the last he heard before dying. An on duty nurse commented that “I hope when I go that my last day is as good as his was.”


Known for his role in finding the Estus W. Pirkle LP sampled in Negativland’s 1987 “Christianity Is Stupid” track (and, in turn, originating the idea of Negativland’s ax murder hoax), and for taking the wrecking yard photos that inspired the 2002 Negativland project “Deathsentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak,” he was also known for such darkly funny and contrarian alter egos as his has-been radio personality Dick Vaughn, righteous religious preacher Pastor Dick, ace used car salesmen Dick Goodbody, master debater Dick Bush, good Christian lady Marsha Turnblatt and crazed DJ Jack Diekobicz (pronounced Dickobitch). His “actions” on our Over the Edge radio show became the stuff of legend, crafting such memorable events as the 1982 “format change” to an all-1970s-nostalgia station (documented on our “Dick Vaughn’s Moribund Music of the ‘70s” release) and a disastrous “live broadcast” from a Walnut Creek bowling alley on Thanksgiving, 2001 (soon to be released on CD as “Ultimate Pinsmack”).


His last weeks at the skilled nursing facility were spent with many visits and calls from friends, lots of Boston Cream Pies, watching 70s car commercials and old episodes of Match Game, being interviewed for a documentary film currently being made about the group (everyone there that day gathered ’round his bed to sing his “Nesbitt’s Lime Soda Song” to him), and working on new hand made covers for an upcoming re-issue of Negativland’s first LP from 1980. He kept an online station tuned to an all-70s-hits-all-the-time station, and when he finally was unable to speak, he was still tapping his fingers to the music.


Richard joins Don Joyce, and former member Ian Allen, as the third Negativlander to shuffle off and over the edge since 2015 (see below). Negativland continues, as they all had wished, with upcoming live performances in May and a trio of forthcoming album projects. Richard was born April 19, 1959 in Castro Valley, CA, grew up in Concord and Martinez, CA (the birthplaces of Negativland) and is survived by his mother and sister.

PHOTO: Richard holding an empty bottle of Nesbitt’s Orange Soda. They were out of Lime. (photo portrait by Brian Rosenquist, taken only a few weeks before Richard’s death)

8 Responses to “CANCER IS STUPID – Richard Lyons (19 April 1959 – 19 April 2016)”

  1. Stu Shea says:

    Oh, man. This sucks. I am happy he is not suffering, but…rest in peace, Mr. Goodbody/Vaughn/Pastor…we need you guys more than ever now.

  2. Daniel Rankin says:

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. It sounds as though he had as great a final day as any of us can wish for. Your collective has been an important part of my life since the mid-nineties. I even saw you live in Toronto, Ont. in 1999 or 2000. Thank you for everything, and goodbye, Mr. Lyons.

  3. pahool says:

    Such a loss. What a bad year for Negativland. We’ll miss you Pastor Dick.

  4. Nick N says:

    Dying is stupid….

    What a total drag ( again ).
    Hope you throw together a good tribute show soon.

    Maybe also a remake of the Nesbitt’s Lime soda track with Orange in there instead.

    Sorry to hear

  5. Frank says:

    This is all just so sad. It’s hard to believe/accept that members of my #1 favorite band of all time are passing away. All the members seem so much larger than life itself. I wish I could have directly expressed my deep appreciation for their work other than attending performances (in Toronto!), so I guess this comment will have to suffice for now. Sincerest condolences and thank you again for all the happy and ironic moments.

  6. vincent cannata says:

    Sadly, I will not be getting to see the ‘mini-tour’… I hope you all get to come to VEGAS, like you did for the “It’s All In Your Head FM” tour.

  7. Brent (who is stupid) says:

    What heartbreak. Condolences to the band and Richard’s loved ones. Pastor Dick always was my favorite. Please consider releasing the True/False show from the Palace of Fine Arts. Pastor Dick was unforgettable that evening.

  8. Gibbert says:

    I wish I found Negativland sooner. It’s like I’ve arrived at a party and all the great people are gone.

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