FREE! FREE! FREE! New download-only THE CHOPPING CHANNEL Album. Now!

New Release from The Chopping Channel…FREE! FREE! FREE! As a consolation prize for the unfortunate PayPal-driven (and other) delays which slowed down our shipping of our recent album, “Over the Edge, Vol. 9: The Chopping Channel”, we are today offering you an entirely new album, “Independent Therapy” at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU OR YOUR FAMILY! Rush out now in a download frenzy to receive This Special Gift right here:


5 Responses to “FREE! FREE! FREE! New download-only THE CHOPPING CHANNEL Album. Now!”

  1. says:

    How do you get this download? I ordered the Chopping channel but all i get is a picture from the links?

  2. vincent cannata says:

    Thanks for this!!
    Keep on keepin’ on!

  3. Tzahnke says:

    This Independent Therapy album is amazing! Although it is credited to The Chopping Channel, it sounds like a typical Negativland album, and it sounds like (well, obviously!) an Over The Edge broadcast. I think more people should hear this album; the bit about OK Cupid on this album is just as good as the Man From The World bits on Over The Edge Volume 9, and the tyrantula possession bit on this album is just as good as the bit about the cannibal biscuits from Over The Edge Volume 9! This is a great album! Being credited to The Chopping Channel instead of Negativland, I have a feeling that some people are missing out on a good album, just like the God Nose album from 2002. Oh, and since this wasn’t mentioned on this website, I’d like to bring up the fact that, this month, yet another free Chopping Channel album came out, titled World Release! Also a good album! Pure, squant-tinted genius!

  4. Basu says:

    new phtos

  5. Nobolaron Manual says:

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