“What Is Remix Culture?”

Founding Negativland member Mark Hosler was one of the judges in a Fair Use themed video “remix”  contest put on by Total Recut.com. The contest was called “What is Remix Culture?,” and other judges included Larry Lessig, Henry Jenkins, Kembrew McLeod, Matt Mason , Pat Aufderheide, JD Lasica and Luminosity.

The winners can be seen here and Mark’s comments on each of the finalists are here.

3 Responses to ““What Is Remix Culture?””

  1. Adam says:

    …. Hoorray!!

  2. CHUCKkey says:

    I always find out about this stuff when it’s too late. That’s what I get for not visiting the website often.

  3. Lawrence of Antioch says:

    I enjoyed the entries, although I didn’t agree with the final results primarily because I didn’t win. However, it looked like good old fashion fun and well…….we will just leave it at that. When will remix culture have its own genre? I wish there was such a channel on my satellite radioo but no such luck. I’ll just have to be tortured with the 24/7 AC/DC channel….good grief Charlie Brown~!

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