Mr. Negativland goes to Washington!

On October 29th & 30th, founding member Mark Hosler was brought out by Digital Freedom to meet with various Congressional Staff, the Consumer Electronics Association, and members of the Library of Congress to discuss, educate and inform around copyright and art issues.

They once swore they’d never become DC lobbyists for progressive intellectual property laws, but now Negativland has.

Sort of.

Founding Negativland member Mark Hosler has been invited by The Digital Freedom Campaign, a fair use advocacy group and broad-based coalition dedicated to defending the rights of artists, consumers and innovators, to travel to Washington DC as a “citizen lobbyist” to speak with various members of Congress about Negativland’s work, methodologies, and the bigger picture of a world where it seems like everyone these days is making collage. When musicians like Girl Talk can become huge pop stars, with millions of teenage fans, and yet it’s still all illegal, then something is still wrong with this picture. Negativland looks forward to this chance to present some different points of view about art, creativity and the law to some of the folks in DC who run this peculiar country of ours.

Here’s the introductory letter Mark will be using using for his visit to Capitol Hill this October:

Some Thoughts for Congress About Creativity and Copyright

(A special thanks to Tim Maloney, Carrie McLaren & Charles Star for help with this letter.)

For questions about, contact Nancy Tarr at tarr.wager at gmail dot com.

5 Responses to “Mr. Negativland goes to Washington!”

  1. wap says:

    Is Mark doing any public speaking associated with this visit? I live in the DC area and I’m curious what he’d have to say about the current atmosphere in congress (i.e. is anything changing?).

  2. processedbeef says:

    That’s great, I hope they listen.

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks, Mark, for doing the heavy lifting on behalf of us, the (too often) silent load shifters. It is appreciated, for sure, and inspiring too. Keep up the goodness!

    From Minneapolis,

  4. Exytrans says:

    ? ?????, ??? ?? ?? ?????. ?????? ??? ? PM, ?????????.


    ……..These guys are from Concord and who gives a shit……………….

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