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G O O D    H E L L O
and welcome to Negativworldwidewebland.

Since 1995, this website has been the home of Negativland
and our self-operated distribution label, Seeland Records.

First of all, you might be wondering – just what is Negativland anyway? We still don’t quite know ourselves, but try reading this bio or these interesting interviews and articles, for a general overview. This F.A.Q., though, will probably just confuse you. If you want an introductory “sampling” of Negativland’s work as a place to start, we recommend that you check out the Our Favorite Things DVD collection.

Want to hear mp3s, read reviews, see, or maybe even purchase some of Negativland’s many CDs, books, or DVDs? Then visit the well-stocked mail order department right here. What about all the other amazing and wonderful audio artists that have had their work issued through the Seeland Record labels? They are there, too.

Negativland tours and performs live on occasion, and lectures about their work all over the US and Europe. Go here to find out what (if anything) they are up to on a stage near you. If you’d like to invite them to speak or perform in your town or school, that information is there as well.
Did you know that Negativland has had a weekly live-mixed collage radio show since 1981? It’s called Over The Edge and you can learn more about it, hear it live each week, and find literally hundreds of archived shows.

You might be visiting this site because you have some questions and concerns about copyright and intellectual property issues, which is a subject that Negativland has been publicly speaking about since they were sued for copyright infringement in 1991. A good place to look on this site for more information is the Intellectual Property Resources list on our News & Views pages. You’ll find IP related essays, articles, audio, links, and video.

Curious to see one of Negativland’s many video shorts?? While we do hope you will support Negativland by purchasing our DVD to see that stuff in high-rez digital video, you can also go to YouTube, type in “Negativland” and some (but not all) of their videos will show up. You’ll also find lots of fan made videos that weren’t made by Negativland at all. It all looks pretty crappy (it’s YouTube after all), so check out the Our Favorite Things DVD collection if you want to properly see and hear Negativland’s video work in full-screen stereophonic high resolution.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on what Negativland and Seeland Records are up to, be sure and visit our News & Views pages. We also suggest signing up for our very infrequent mailing list/announce list. It’s called the Negativland Forklifters Club. And you can sign up here (or see an archive of much older past announcements by going here.)


Did you know that Negativland makes and sells one of a kind fine art pieces and has had some major exhibits of this work? Go here to see, hear, and learn more.

Still trying to figure if Negativland’s The Weatherman is for real or not? Well, we know he is, but if you still aren’t sure, you can learn a whole lot more by visiting The Weatherman’s Dumb Stupid Home Page for all sorts of Weatherman sounds, Weatherman video, and even a Weatherman slide show.


This website has been up since 1995, and has had various web-only projects, articles, pranks, and documentation of past tours and art shows, featured on the site over the years. Some of them are getting a bit dated, so we’ve archived them all right here.

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