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Besides making inexpensive mass-produced audio/visual art things (things that you can find at Negativmailorderland), Negativland also makes and exhibits one-of-kind and limited edition works of “fine” art. Click on the categories below to see and learn more about what we make, and scroll down this page to see where our work has been shown. New stuff will be added here as it gets made.

To purchase work of art, or to arrange showings, send e-mail to – info (at)

To see a site that documents the large “Negativlandland” art show, please visit our Bio/FAQ/Press page.

“A provocation and a punk-inspired commentary on our mercenary culture
eloquent and impassioned spokesmen for ideas like a ‘creative commons’…
it’s salutary to see these smart and influential guys get a gallery show.”
– ART IN AMERICA review of the NYC “Negativlandland” art show.

Exhibitions of work –


“Our Favorite Things,” Texas Art Collective, Houston, TX, 2010
“In Appropriations” Gulf Coast University Museum, Ft. Myers, FL, 2007
“Madonna and Child” Madison County Arts Council, Marshall, NC 2007
“Homegrown” South Eastern Center of Contemporary Arts, NC, 2007
“System Error” Siena, Italy, 2007
Sonar, Barcelona, Spain 2007
Scope/Art Basel, Miami FL, 2006
“Negativlandland” Creative Electric Studios, Minneapolis, MN 2006
“Negativlandland” Consolidated Works, Seattle, WA 2006
“Illegal Art” Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, 2006
“Illegal Art” Pacific NW College of Art, Portland, OR, 2006
“Negativlandland” Gigantic Art Space, New York, NY, 2005
Projections on side of the World Intellectual Property Organization Building,
Geneva, Switzerland, 2005
“Co-lage” Matthews Gallery, Tampa, FL, 2004
“Illegal Art” In These Times, Chicago IL 2004
“Illegal Art” Resource Center for Activism and Art, Washington DC 2004
“Illegal Art” SF Moma, San Francisco, CA 2004
“Illegal Art” CBGB Gallery, New York, NY, 2003
“Version 2.0” Chicago MOMA, Chicago IL, Nov 2002
Shack Obscura/Van De Griff-Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 2002
Cornish College, Seattle, WA 2002
“The New Gatekeepers” Columbia University School Of Journalism, New York, NY 2002
“Pixelplunder”, Toronto, Canada, 2001

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