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Once upon a time one would keep oneself informed about Negativland by joining the Negativland Forklifters Club. This announcement list provided fans with occasional news and information about the activities of the 4 (or 5 or 6) Floptops, upcoming performances and lectures, Seeland Records, copyright issues and anything else we think the world would like to know about. It seems to have been retired for quite a few years now.

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We read all the e-mails we’re sent, and try to answer all questions we get asked, but sometimes we get a lot of e-mail. For those of you that have written us with questions in the past and have gotten no response, be patient, try again.

For mail order or credit card order questions and concerns contact:
seeland (at)

For general questions, booking info, lectures, broken links and NWWWL web site problems, and tips on where to get the best grits in Asheville, North Carolina, contact:
mark (at)

For “Over The Edge” (radio), the Universal Media Netweb, C.Elliot Friday, Izzy Isn’t, Crosley Bendix, Dr. Oslow Norway, One World Advertising, fair use and copyright issues, UFO’s, MoonRock, Squant, Mertz, early 60’s girl groups, how to get free cars, God Nose, and quantum physics questions, you may no longer contact:
don (at)
(Alas, there’s no email where Don is now.)

For spiritual and automotive dilemmas, you may no longer send a message to:
dick (at)
(Or here, either.)

For weather predictions, cable TV questions, orange carpet cleansings, Booper repairs, sewerage water spottings, and doorbell transformer disasters….we wish you could contact The Weatherman (David), but he doesn’t have e-mail. You can, however, leave a message for him at: seatbeesate (at) and we’ll pass it along. He’ll probably see it eventually, but don’t expect a reply because we can barely get him to answer his phone, let alone respond to an e-mail message. But be sure and visit The Weatherman’s Dumb Stupid Home Page, where you will find his latest stomach noises, microphone tests and home videos.

For 16mm disasters, how OK Cupid was really founded, or if we owe you any money, skip down to:
peter (at)

For personal branding do-overs, digital image makeovers, and big hair manipulation takeovers, mosey on over to:
dan (at)

For detailed instructions on how to make your own suspenders, thoughtful dissertations on electronic music, and a precise history of the secret corn flake manufacturers of America, contact:
wobbly (at)

For serious inquiries about hamsters and interstellar travel, contact:
tim (at)

Write Us!

Our current address for mail order and for sending us mail is:

P.O. Box 1154
El Cerrito, CA 94530-1154 USA

Be advised that our very old Negativland address in Concord, CA, which dates back to 1979 and is found on many of our records, is now totally dead and gone. Any correspondence or orders sent to that address will not get forwarded to us.


Join Rumori!

Rumori is an excellent listserve for general discussion about appropriation in art, copyright law, copy culture, etc., and the Detritus website itself (worth checking out at . It’s also a good place to announce relevant events that you know about (concerts, art exhibits, new books or other media being published, etc). The list is an attempt to lean away from fandom of particular artists (like Negativland, for instance) and toward a more balanced study and sharing of knowledge, as art producers, consumers and scholars.

Rumori has developed into quite an interesting discussion space in the past few years. It tends to get rather deep and philosophical at times, but open-minded and (mostly) polite. A learning experience for many, a rantspace for some. You are encouraged to browse their list archives at , especially before you post a question or topic that’s already been discussed extensively.

Their list is private, meaning you must be on it to post to it. However they are open to any who are interested, and are at this time unmoderated. To join, send email to majordomo (at) with the following in the message:
subscribe rumori your-email-address


Join Snuggles!

If you want even more Negativland information, you might subscribe to Snuggles. Snuggles is an electronic mailing list on which fans discuss various “noisy” topics. It began as a fan list for Negativland, but has progressed way beyond that now.
Chat: snuggles[at]



If Negativworldwidewebland hasn’t filled your belly with enough specific Negativland information, a DuckDuckGo search will lead you to all kinds of crap about our group. Over 308,000 hits and counting. And unlike Google, they don’t track you and sell your content to the world.



Look at our page, “like” us, and do all that Facebooky stuff.  Try it here.


Surprisingly, still on MySpace!

We are there at, where you‘ll also find some MySpace fan sites for our group.

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