About “Over the Edge”

Since 1981, Negativland’s live mix, audio collage radio show, “Over The Edge,” has aired weekly for 3 hours at midnight, each Thursday on KPFA 94.1FM in Berkeley, California.  Mixed for 35 uninterrupted years by founder Don Joyce until his passing in 2015, the show continues on, now helmed by Wobbly (2nd & 4th Thursdays) and KROB (3rd Thursdays, as a frequently-broken rule).


OTE’s themed mixes are made live and spontaneously on the air from a variety of formats and equipment. There is a plan and there is no plan. The mix consists of found sound of many kinds and from many sources put together on the run as the continuous audio collage progresses.


OTE sometimes employs “Receptacle Programming,” which means you. Phone callers are punched into our mix with no warning. Call 510-848-4425 to deposit your programming. Don’t say “hello” – just begin.




A 10 to 15 second delay is occurring between our live broadcast and your radio or computer, which makes it difficult to interact with our show “live” on the phone. Turn down your radio or computer and only listen to our real time mix in your phone when calling the broadcast. (Only the little speaker in your phone is getting the show to you at the speed of light.) If you listen to anything else, you will sound drunk. Modern cell phones, which shoehorn analog lines through additional data compression, make the phone fidelity & interactive reflexivity enjoyed by Receptaclists of the past a tantalizingly well-documented memory, but the fact remains, even today:  When your phone stops ringing, you’re on the air, and in the mix.