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God And Halloween

Oct. 30, 2009
A five hour trek through Religion, Satanism, and these unbelievable beliefs in relationship to each other and Halloween. Vincent Price recounts the methods and techniques of witchcraft, Ian Richardson reads from the Malleus Maleficarum, a document from the Inquisitions persecution of witchcraft, good and evil is debated, and the questionable concept of supernatural existence is underneath it all.
5 hours.

Faith Of Our Fathers III

Oct. 25, 2001


Part three is the Halloween edition with the Inquisition on Witchcraft, Satanic influences in Harry Potter, A former satanic cult leader turned Christian explains Halloween, and the debate continues. Biblical prophecy dragging the world through Mid East Hell, stories from the Bible, and more. Fun for the whole family of man.

3 Hours

Faith Of Our Fathers II

Oct. 18, 2001

Part two kicks off Crosley Bendix when he reviews all religion at once instead of one at a time like UMN management agreed to. But you don’t know about this yet. We continue with debating Catholics, The Church Triumphant, Biblical fiction, serpent handlers, a big cloud of Noble Gas, Mother Mary’s Prophet, The Numbers man vs. Larry King, preachers galore, music too.

3 Hours

Faith Of Our Fathers I

Oct. 11, 2001

For the entire month of October, as the Muslim Holy War against America mounts, we take a critical look at organized religion and all it has spawned. Spread through it all is a science fiction tale in which, over generations, the inhabitants of an interstellar ship have come to worship their own ship as a religion. Rationality verses faith in Catholic dogma is debated, especially its sexist mania for virginity and its general sexual repression, examples of some of the more ludicrous and dangerous manifestations of religious belief, especially among fundamentalist fanatics, and lots of religiously skeptical songs providing the spice. Belief exposed as a culturally determined phenomenon vs. the unmovable “knowledge” of regional faiths, and how both science and skepticism fit into these intellectual envelopes. Christianity is not the only stupid one.

3 Hours