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The Return of Pastor Dick

The Return of Pastor Dick

Richard Lyons, Peter Conheim, Tim Maloney, Don

May 15, 2015

After many years, Pastor Dick returns to OTE, along with his pals in faith, Harold Camping and… who? Anyway, this trio of God inspired commentators go at it for 3 hours, accompanied by their argumentative engineer, Izzy Isn’t. The added bonus from these collectors of God is a whole bunch of classic music and sermonizing from the right wings of religion.

3 Hours.

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How Radio Was Done Part 93

Nov. 27, 2008


Radio in 1987 continues with a British radio reprise of 1967 in 87, an extended mix of commentary and hearings around the arms for hostages and Iran/Contra affairs and Reagan on the Iraq/Iran war and the never-ending Mid-east turmoil. Also, 10,000 Maniacs live in 87 and DJs, news, and music of the year.
3 hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 86

September 18, 2008

With one last listen to 1985, we play almost an entire OTE show from that year, the first year entire OTE shows were kept on tape. This one is, /”Im Not Sure,/” a live performance by Negativland involving a quiz show concept about TV commercials with callers as contestants. Some technical difficulties occur in this broadcast producing a few silent gaps, but almost the whole show is there, with your host, Dick Goodbody. This is how OTE used to be done in the early days when the whole group was participating every week.
3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 66

January 31, 2008

We finish off 1980 with an extensive look at the assassination of John Lennon and his assassin. Lots of late and bootleg music by Lennon (and Yoko,) a documentary/news mix about the killing, and radios response and tributes at the time. We then move on to “Another UFO,” in which the 1980 incident at Bentwaters Air Force base remains in UFO lore as one of the best cases to investigate more thoroughly, with dozens of the witnessing military personnel still alive. And all around this is 1980 rock radio formats and DJs of the day.

5 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 19: The Richard Lyons Story Part 3

February 23, 2006

Dont worry, this is the last one. But we couldnt sum up the career of Richard Lyons without focusing on his culmination of radio disconcertion, Dick Vaughn. This guy was all about Moribund Music Of The ’70s, and he did it first. Bringing ’70s nostalgia to the early ’80s, Dick Vaughn shrewdly tapped in to all that music that captivated his listener demographics when they were in high school, and they rewarded him with somewhat questionable devotion. Then he died in a plane crash. Well, lets move on.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 18: The Richard Lyons Story Part 2

February 16, 2006

We continue with this tribute to one of radios greatest…. Well, maybe not. Anyway, many OTE segments from the past highlight Richard Lyons’ on-air character, Dick Goodbody, and his many contests testing the publics knowledge of cars and TV products.
Through a whole array of elaborate quiz formats, Dick Goodbody exploited American trivia and became radios most beloved source of annoyance.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 17: The Richard Lyons Story Part 1

February 9, 2006

The series refocuses on one individual, Richard Lyons, founding member of Negativland, whose radio characters (Pastor Dick, Dick Goodbody, and Dick Vaughn) have graced OTE programs since the early ’80s. We review this /”legend of radio/” through many segments of Pastor Dick shows, including endless Bible Quizzes, and Dick Goodbody contests on TV and commercial product trivia. A genius of how radio isnt done.

3 Hours

Internet Radio

April 27, 2004
Richard Lyons, The 
Weatherman, Don

We give over 5 hours of programming to the Weathermans house in Seattle where he and Dick send out their audio files via Shoutcast, and then we connect to Shoutcast and send them out via KPFA. This works great, with very clean sound, and we also get to hear the Weatherman go to the bathroom, wander around his garage, and all their other fully miked events in Seattle. Complicating the situation, we also have Richard manning a live phone on our air to bypass the Internet delay involved or just play with repeating ourselves. We were all pleased and surprised this worked so well, and Im sure well do it again. No one had any idea if this was legal broadcasting or not.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

The Return Of Total Radio

November 8, 2001


The CD release of “Dick Vaughn’s Moribund Music of the ’70s” produces this retro look at Dick’s various music formats from the ’80s, with cuts from the double CD and various unreleased material from his other attempts at music formats from that era like “Total Radio.” The stellar career of Dick Vaughn is traced through phone pranks from his living room all the way to his culminating position as a leading air personality for The Universal Media Netweb. Then he died a horrible death in a plane crash and the tributes commenced. There was no radio like Total Radio.

3 Hours

The Black Death Debate

June 21, 2001
Negativland and Russ Schoenwitter

Negativland’s Pastor Dick and Harold Camping of Family Radio fame join in debate with Black/Death Metal collector, Santo Gold, and The Weatherman as we expose this world of occult guitar noise and argue its merits for today’s teenagers. Dayle Embree reads Black/Death Metal lyrics, Harold does the math, Bibles are quoted, and the music wails.

Pastor Dick interviews The Weatherman while he dips his microphone in club soda concerning his intimated involvement in a real life mass murder which was committed by someone he shared Goth records with. Callers join this crucial sociological debate, along with some actual exorcisms to the Satanic strains of Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, and Speed Metal music from Scandinavia, Europe, and America. A must-hear for everyone afraid of music.

3 Hours