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Another UFO (What Are We supposed To Think Now?)

August, 1996
Pastor Dick, Hal Robins, Don

In this discussion oriented mix, we present five hours of “What Are We Supposed To Think Now?”, with your heavenly host, the Reverend Tilt Reptilian. Somewhat reminiscent of the “Christianity Is Stupid” OTE show, Pastor Dick and Tilt “seriously” debate, not the existence, but the nature and motivations of UFOs. Tilt thinks they’ve always been here and are operated by whatever off-planet entity is responsible for the early genetic alterations to earth hominids, which resulted in us. Dick believes they are demons from the Devil, a trick of Satan, and that humans are only 6000 years old. Mixed in are tapes of Zechariah Sitchen, Graham Hancock, and others on the strange origin of humans and the Gods of antiquity who moved among them. Halfway through, Subgenius Dr. Howland Owl joins the debate which then turns more surreal, with callers throughout providing sightings, songs, and various thoughts wandering. It’s special! This is the radio return of Pastor Dick after 8 years.

5 Hours

A Piddle Diddle Disneyland

August, 1993

We join Doug Piddle and Peter Diddle of “The Piddle Diddle Report” as they broadcast live from Disneyland. Joining Doug and Peter is Rex Everything, famous unpublishable author, and modern noise group Negativland. While Rex knowledgeably exposes every dark little nook and cranny in the sordid history of Disneyland, the Weatherman is taking one ride after another and reporting via CB to Doug and Peter’s skybox on the Matterhorn. In between, Negativland does some kind of noise manipulation thing with Disney material. Highly irreverent and probably even more illegal, this show is a radio-only gem.

3 Hours

Christianity is Stupid

April 1991

Richard Lyons and Don

Richard of Negativland is Dick Bush tonight and I am Mark Feign doing a preemption show “replacing” OTE. This “pilot” format is a debate on religion in general and Christianity in particular. Dick is representing the Evangelical Fundamentalist ideology and Mark promotes Atheistic Reason and, after opening position statements, we take calls. Some listeners are well aware of where our tongues are, but due to our sustained seriousness and a rather believable level of contentiousness, many seem to think this is actually real. Our call-in format is very occasionally interrupted with scripted polemics and pro and con songs, but we stick to our “replacement” format by not indulging at all in our usual mix techniques and doing 3 hours of TALK. Highly unusual, surprisingly entertaining, and sometimes actually provocative, this is a head turning, one of a kind classic.

3 Hours

Goodbody’s Midnight Auto Party

February, 1988
Negativland, Earl Yazel, Sheenah Timony, Dan Ruderman, Will Ryle

This show is actually a rebroadcast (in December 1995) of the 1988 show which has been reconstructed from various separate tapes which I finally put together to reform the whole thing. In a “remote” broadcast from Dick Goodbody’s Auto Hive, we join Dick and all his cohorts for a celebration of Lincoln, the man and the car. Cheap beer, Lincoln dogs, and hot chili fuel the rowdy audience, while the entertainment ranges from the Concord Youth Choir, Miss Mark 7 and the Rockin’ Winners Circle, Billy Buddy and Sheila Gimminy, an auto trivia call-in, Leroy VanDyke and his roadie, Mr. Neil Diamond live, folk singing, and deals galore. The whole party gets progressively more unruly as thrown beer bottles become the principle form of disruption. As we finally retreat, 180 G tapes are remixed, tapes from a behind the scenes survey of “Dick Vaughns Moribund Music of the 70s,” and a couple tracks from “Sex Dirt.”

3 Hours

The J Brigade

July, 1986

Pastor Dick rides the roller coaster of irreverent and satanic callers as he attempts another program on faith alone. Christian news, Christian weather, and Christian music from the J Brigade. The Bible Quiz, Big Brotherhood Companions, Mormons exposed, an inspirational song for children almost sung by Ralph Vivian Lust, stories for young people, and the Family Hour. The Weatherman is in an unusually bad mood and quits the group.

3 hours?

The California Super Station

January, 1999 (Compilation from 1983 & 1984 shows)

Richard Lyons, Earl Yazel, Buck and Paula, Don

The California Super Station was Dick Vaughn’s precursor programming to “Moribund Music of The 70s.” This is a combination of two CSS shows from 1983 and 1984. Although Dick’s OTE CDs have all the records edited out, this is how it was done on the air with all the 70s cuts played in their entirety. The radio point here was to “convince” KPFA listeners that the station had gone to this new format, Dick Vaughn’s Classic 70s rock with “news,” “sports,” a weather copter, and lots of classic commercials. This is a composite taste of what Dick’s early programming was like coming together as live formatting done on the run.

3 Hours