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The Chopping Channel – Independent Therapy

“The Chopping Channel – Independent Therapy”

July 19, 2013

Peter Conheim, Wobbly, Jason Brown, Don.

Turning self-help into nonsense, we say and play live with all the chops we can think of. From hypnosis to hypnotic, the electronics and their sounds, and extensively curious discourses on what The Chopping Channel can do for you.

3 Hours.

Link/Right-click (Control-click) to Download.

The Chopping Channel – Variations on the End of Music

“The Chopping Channel” (Variations on the End of Music)

Jan. 18 , 2013

Wobbly, Don.

Crosley Bendix begins with a live talk about the end of music, then Wobbly and I bring The Chopping Channel back again on the same subject, with “winging it” our only guide.  Patsy falls to pieces, Bits And Pieces, Helter Boring and other mash-ups of your most tiresome hits – Fresh again! Wobbly’s many “Variations” CDR’s of cut-up hits & clips fill out this no-gap music chop.

3 Hours.


Amen Seat

March 19, 2009
Jon Leidecker, MaryClare Brz, Don.
A special drop-in, pop up, insert show. Wobbly and MaryClare Brz, are Amen Seat, and they play live so called music for about an hour. Your host, Crosley Bendix, then repeats a cultural review on the end of music for Wobbly who wants to record it for a lucrative WebNet deal. He also interviews Crosley about Negativland history and collage. The final hour is a dense mix of musical examples that typify everything the previous hour was talking about.

3 Hours.

The Chopping Channel World Radio World II

Feb. 19, 2009
John Leidecker, Peter Conheim, Mark Gergis, Don.
The Chopping Channel returns with its semi-biannual tribute to avant commercialism and the almighty pitch. Several pitchmen with shifting names get it on between pitches describing unknowingly how empty their lives really are and have been since World Radio World I. At least thats one interpretation. This is the first group mix sound collage on OTE in quite a while.
3 Hours.

The Chopping Channel – Love Cuts

May 29, 2008
Peter Conheim, Jon Leidecker, Katie, Don

The Chopping Channel shows up to play live with the premise of selling love. For this 5-hour show, Bud Choke hosts, and along with Wobbly, Velma, and the irrepressible Katie, mix it up with lots of callers and plenty of noise, while exhibiting cut-up and manipulated music and songs about love. Often verbose without being funny, we take it as it comes, and the mix perhaps improves as some participants retreat to home and bed about halfway through.

5 hours

The Chopping Channel – World Music World

December 20, 2007
John Leidecker, Peter Conheim, Mark Gergis, Don

In a special holiday edition, /”a time of good will towards acquisition,/” The chopping Channel finds us mixing and selling live and recorded music and everything else in a whole new world of media commerce. Extremely chopped for that exclusive Chopping Channel /”salad sound,/” the live mix continues for three hours, punctuated by regular sales pitches by the salespeople.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 20: The Chopping Channel

March 23, 2006
Peter Conheim, Jon Leidecker, Tom DiMuzio, Don

The Chopping Channel returns with lots and lots full of ear flattering cuts. Bud Choke, Velma, and Help Suit join electronics to sell all night sound to all night people all night long. Cultures bargain bin of devalued music is now conveniently affordable for all.

3 Hours