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Universe – Part 85

Universe pt. 85 Another UFO

April 24, 2015

This version of Another UFO focuses on a couple of radio call-in talk shows on UFOs, a recent one from the BBC, and an American one from Chicago in the 60s. Not much has changed regarding this subject anywhere. We begin with descriptions of NASA videos of UFO encounters in orbit, Nick Pope relates his experiences as a UFO investigator in government as government documents on 50 years of UFO investigations are being released, why we are not alone, and callers relate a whole variety of sightings they have had.

3 Hours.

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How Radio Was Done Part 66

January 31, 2008

We finish off 1980 with an extensive look at the assassination of John Lennon and his assassin. Lots of late and bootleg music by Lennon (and Yoko,) a documentary/news mix about the killing, and radios response and tributes at the time. We then move on to “Another UFO,” in which the 1980 incident at Bentwaters Air Force base remains in UFO lore as one of the best cases to investigate more thoroughly, with dozens of the witnessing military personnel still alive. And all around this is 1980 rock radio formats and DJs of the day.

5 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 8 (Another UFO)

July 6, 2006

Still in the time frame of Part 7 (Late ‘40s and early ‘50s) we focus in depth on the birth of both the atomic age and the modern UFO phenomenon as they both appeared on radio of the time. As post war atomic bomb testing on Bikini Island in the Pacific is covered by radio, Kenneth Arnold launches the term /”flying saucer/” after sighting a few while flying over Washington State. The Government establishes a series of UFO investigative groups culminating in Project Blue Book, as nation wide flying saucer sightings continue to show up in the countrys media, and both /”factual/” public affairs radio and science fiction shows, atomic angst in tow, immediately add /”flying saucers/” to their vocabularies. Lots of UFO actualities, features, and interviews from the time.

3 Hours

Another UFO (Earth People)

December 30, 2004

This one spreads out over 6 hours, delving into a combination of specific, multiple eyewitness sightings, and another view of all this from the modern physicists perspective. Turns out that all the impossibilities described by UFO witnesses would be technologically achievable by any type III civilization that possess quantum computing and the energy of stars in this or any other Galaxy. On the other hand, like the Bentwaters military encounters of 1980 covered here, someone on the inside thinks this is the easiest thing in the world to keep secret because its so unbelievable; or so says Bob Lazar who went to the TV news in Las Vegas to reveal his former employment at /”S4/” inside Area 51, where he worked on one of the 9 flying discs (one flyable) then in the possession of the USA. And dont forget Science Fiction, plenty of that too – some about first contact and some about competing with aliens for better technology. It may be true that since we have gotten rid of God, we now have this stuff to go supernatural over, but this is a lot more interesting than God, and there may actually be a type III civilization out there or in one of the many more dimensions we have to now consider according to string theory physics, and if thats true… On the other other hand, listening to these real and reasonable witnesses to the physically impossible is enough to give you pause. But it doesnt – for six hours.

6 Hours (2 mp3s)

Another UFO (UFO Radio)

March 25, 2004

This one is comprised of various radio broadcasting on the subject of UFOs from 1958 through the ‘90s. Long John Neble with the likes of Frank Edwards and Arthur C. Clarke doing the first live conference call on radio, a series of shows produced by NICAP about their UFO investigations in the 60s, an independent British radio documentary, Art Bell and UFOs Tonight, all surprisingly talking about the very same kind of evidence, speculations, and doubts that still typify this subject today. After almost 60 years, the subject has neither revealed itself nor gone away, and from the beginning, radio has always played a crucial role in reporting UFO facts, fictions, lore, and mythology among us.

3 Hours

Another UFO (Halloween For Cows)

October31, 2003
Mike Anderson, Don

The history and progress of animal mutilations associated with UFO activity is covered as The Professor and I mix behind various reports, mostly from Linda Moulton Howe, on this 50 year phenomenon occurring all over the world. Extended eyewitness reports and gory descriptions from farmers and ranchers who have had animals subjected to these unexplainable surgical mutilations, the pattern of similarities, and plenty of speculation on the cause and reason. Also involved are frequent unmarked and strangely designed helicopters appearing before and after these scenes of tissue harvesting, frequent UFO (disks) sightings in the area, and the strange pattern of large body bruising and broken legs that suggest the animals, always found in pristine condition with no blood at all at the scene after extensive surgery to remove body parts and internal organs, with no tracks near the carcass even in snow or mud, not even the animals own tracks, and no signs of struggle, could have been dropped where they are found.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

Another UFO (The ’50s UFO Program)

December 19, 2002

With a lot of broadcasts originating during the 1950s, we cover that decades formation of the modern UFO phenomenon. Long John Nebel with Arthur C. Clarke and Maj. Ahoe (one of the most unfortunate names in UFO history) on late night radio in 1958. Edward R. Morrow did a show called “The Case of Flying Saucers,” plus Kenneth Arnold, George Adamski, Jackie Gleason, ABC News, and all their witness clips of the time, speaking from their own horses mouth on the air during the first wave of UFO sightings all over America and the world. Another show made possible by Internet archives.

3 Hours

Another UFO (Hypnotized)

August 22, 2002

The role and effectiveness of hypnosis in the UFO abduction phenomenon is the subject. Dr. David Jacobs, while relating many of the ideas from his disconcerting book on what abductions are leading to, also leads this mix of relative confidence and skepticism concerning hypnosis from investigators like Bud Hopkins, John Mack, some scientists investigating how hypnosis works, a couple documentaries on the world wide abduction phenomenon from England and Australia, Howard Stern interviewing Jacobs, and an instruction record for achieving self hypnosis if youre an abductee.

One has to admit that this particular branch of the UFO experience is a human phenomenon full of amazement no matter whether its all true or not. The 30 years of detailed abduction records, usually continuing through generational, genetic family lines, show clearly that either there is some truth in the commonality of descriptions and details in these impossible descriptions from all over the world, or that many thousands of humans are having basically the same dream upon going to sleep and have been doing so for 30 years – something quite unknown in any other subject of human dreams. There is no satisfying solution for those not involved in this phenomenon as both options remain highly unlikely, yet this paradox of reason goes on, forcing us to stay up late listening to the radio

3 Hours

Another UFO (Twilight Time)

March 28, 2002

Skepticism and in-fighting in the UFO game. But its actually all edited from radio occurring years ago, when Don Ecker, John Lear, Art Bell, and all their researcher friends and enemies discussed the credibility of UFO lore, fact and fiction, from their various media slots. Conspiracy researchers, informational experiencers, believable eyewitnesses to something in the air, and an encyclopedia of whos who and who shouldn’t be. One quote inside a quote from George Knapp: “Theres something wrong with the entire method of this that modern science uses to explain this phenomenon away. It seems to me that true science involves investigation of the unexplained, not an explanation of the uninvestigated.” A small round of applause and the inside info and reasoned trashing by the earth species continues.

3 hours

Another UFO (Over Russia)

September 20, 2001

Laying out the Russian experience with UFOs, particularly associated with the Cold War years, remixed from several media sources and programs. Saucers sighted behind the iron curtain and over NATO controlled Europe, NATO’s above top secret report on all this described by Bob Dean who claims he had access while part of the military working there and is now retired and breaking his security oath to describe technologically impossible air intruders tracked by both sides and even crashed craft and recovered bodies.

Recently released KGB files reveal Russian Air Force rules of UFO engagement and a definite “policy” evolution in relation to them. Independent Russian researchers on the subject, famous Russian sightings that made the news, and appearing and disappearing glowing globes above air bases melt down and otherwise deprogram targeting systems within operational ballistic missiles in both the USSR and the USA at several different times and bases during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Russian songs and music throughout.

3 Hours