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God And Halloween

Oct. 30, 2009
A five hour trek through Religion, Satanism, and these unbelievable beliefs in relationship to each other and Halloween. Vincent Price recounts the methods and techniques of witchcraft, Ian Richardson reads from the Malleus Maleficarum, a document from the Inquisitions persecution of witchcraft, good and evil is debated, and the questionable concept of supernatural existence is underneath it all.
5 hours.

How Radio Isnt Done Part 6

November 3, 2005

Tonight I play the recent live performance by Negativland of /”Its All In Your Head FM/” from the El Rey in LA and the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Its two plus hours of why there is no God, performed as a radio show on stage. We finish out this 3 hours with more of how radio isnt done, including the infamous Casey Kasem/U2 cut that got us sued so long ago. Now it seems so innocent…

3 Hours
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