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The Wheels of Fortune

June, 1987

Dickie Diamond hosts a no-loser game for receptacle callers. Contestants punch the category button on their phone, the wheel is spun, and they win whatever it stops on. Categories are limited to ice cream, cars, and dates with rock stars. This innovative but never-before-tried format ends in technical chaos, and the show launches itself into space. There, we hear many parts of “Electric Life”, an early 80s studio piece made mostly out of OTE from that period. The Weatherman and his family discuss mold on their food while, on the intercom, the captain of their space shuttle announces docking with “The Star”, a huge cubic Earth colony in space which has become the last refuge for Earthers after nuclear destruction. Also more about the culture of media jamming on The Star with tapes of Fake Stone Age and King’s House, preparing a post-nuclear tribute to C. Elliot Friday, soundtrack bits from Buckaroo Banzai, “Cancer Queen” by Tomasso Landolfi, and Big Bang physics.

3 hours